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The simple fact that a link appears on my page does not mean that I agree with every single thing on that site. Please don't send me "hate mail" if you find something you don't agree with when you surf off this site.




Great Christian Links

Sermon and Church Pages

Calvary Baptist Church- This is our church's web site. It is still under construction, but some content is already there. This site will contain news of interest to our church folks, as well as material that will be useful to all those who visit.

The Gospel Trumpet - This is the web ministry of Brother Scott Moneyham and the Trinity Baptist Church in Valdese, NC. Brother Scott is anointed preacher and a precious man of God, You will enjoy your visit to this web site.

Rightly Divided - This is a great site by Brother Rick Safriet, Pastor of West Lenoir Baptist Church in Lenoir, NC. Pastor Safriet takes each week's lesson and teaches it in audio and he also provides written commentary. This should prove to be a valuable resource for Sunday School teachers and other students of the Word of God. Brother Safriet is a gifted preacher and this site showcases his gifts in rightly dividing the Word of God.

Pulpit Pages - The Internet ministry of Chris Benfield, Pastor of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, Mount Airy, NC. Brother Chris is a precious friend and a great preacher. You will be helped by a visit to this site.

Unsearchable Riches - Brother Denis Lyle has put together a great site. Visit this for great preaching and many other valuable resources!

From Valleys To Victories - This is the web site of Brother Tom Shuford. God has worked providentially in Brother Tom's life. His testimony and life are a blessing and a challenge. Brother Tom describes his ministry as "A ministry of hope to those walking through the valley of illness". His web site and his ministry are a blessing. Please visit this site and pray for Brother Tom and his wife Sister Terry.

North Laurel Baptist Church - This is the web ministry of Pastor Mike Wakefield and the folks at North Lauel Baptist Church in Valdese. Brother Mike and his family have been our friends for many years. The Lord is blessing North Laurel for His glory. Their new web site is sure to be a blessing.

Zion Hill Baptist Church - My friend, Dr. Tom Walker's page. Brother Tom is the Pastor of Zion Hill Baptist Church in Marion, NC. This is a very good page, well worth your time.

The Preacher's Corner - A 5 star site!! Another quality site by Dr. Tom Walker. Here you will find many useful links and sermons outlines. This page is ever growing with many great sermon outlines that will preach! Go here often and be blessed often.

Rathfriland Baptist Church - This is the web site for Rathfriland Baptist Church and their Pastor Ian Wilson. Visit this site often and be blessed!

Saintfield Baptist Church - This is a quality site by Saintfield Baptist Church. Their many resourses will be a help to you in your walk with the Lord.

Greenwood Chapel Baptist Church - Pastor Eddie Taylor and the folks at Greenwood Chapel Baptist in Gate City, VA have put together a helpful site. Visit soon and often.

Gospel Light Baptist Church - Pastor Wayne Hinson and the good folks at Gospel Light Baptist Church have developed a new web site that contains many outstanding recourses. You will benefit from a visit to Golden Nuggets From Gospel Light.

Grove Baptist Church - This web site is a blessing. It contains many sermons by some powerful preachers from Northern Ireland. The resources found here are rich and they are a blessing. Visit them and be helped.

Pilgrim Progress Baptist Church - This is the web home of Dr. Gerald Parker and the fine folks at Pilgrim Progress Baptist Church in North Little Rock, AR. Dr. Parker is a fine man of God and a great preacher of the Word. This church is one of the greatest churches I have ever had the privilege of attending. Visit this web site and browse all the fine resources they have provided.

Bible Truth Ministry - Brother Tom Gilliam is one of God's choice evangelists. He is a great blessing and has a unique approach to preaching the Word of God. He is a precious man of God. There are many great resources on this site.

Evangelist Dana Williams - Brother Dana is a precious man of God and a powerful, anointed preacher. Visit his site and pray about having him in for a meeting. He will feed your soul!

The Living Word - An excellent resource for material from Dr. Ken Trivette. If you are looking for good preaching material be sure to visit this quality site.

Jerry Beaver - This is the web home of Pastor Jerry Beaver. He has many useful links and helps. You will benefit from a visit here.

Delivered By Grace - The blog and web home of Josh Buice. He has thoughts, audio and many other resources for your help and edification.

Ironsharp - This is the web home of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Nicholasville, KY. Pastor Barnes and his associates have some great audio preaching resources on their site.

The Baptist Page - This is a new site with "a Baptist twist". There are many resources here for Baptist folks. Visit and be helped.

One Voice Of Hope - This is the web site of Brother Douglas Bray. He is a fine young preacher. You will be blessed by a visit to this site.

Liberty Baptist Church - This is the internet ministry of Pastor Ken Bowman and the fine folks at Liberty Baptist Church in Bowden, GA. This is a great church and they have provided a great web page that is filled with Christ-honoring, Bible preaching. Go there and be fed!

Dr. Mike Bagwell - This is the web page of Dr. Mike Bagwell. Dr. Bagwell is one of God's most precious and unique preachers. He is a blessing to hear and he has an intense love of the Word of God. Check out this page, it is well worth your time!

Bible Bulletin Board - Many sermons and articles from many great men of God. This site is an excellent resource!

Eleventh Avenue Baptist Church - Lots of good preaching and other materials from Pastor Ronald Guffey and the Eleventh Avenue Baptist Church family.

South Fork Baptist Church - This is the web ministry of Pastor Scott Thomas and the fine folks at South Fork Baptist Church in Hickory, NC. This church, and their web site, is worth a visit.

Solid Rock Baptist Church - This is the web minstry of Solid Rock Baptist Church and their Pastor Jerry Stines. Brother Jerry is a great man of God and a good friend. This church has a vibrant, growing ministry in Granite Falls, NC. Visit their site often for help and blessings.

Starlight Baptist Church - Dr. Glenn C. Riggs and the congregation at Starlight Baptist have put together a fine web site. They have many resoureces, including 100 free Bible studies.

Evangelist Randall Creel - Brother Creel is a Baptist evangelist based in Mississippi. He has a good site with some audio sermons. He also makes and sells small, leather 3-ring notebooks for sermon notes. They can be found here.

Evangelist R.E. Layne - Brother Layne has a good site with somoe very useful informations. Take some time to visit with him and be helped.

Campbell City Baptist Church - Pastor Danny Young and the members of this church have put together a good site. Check it out and get some help.

T.J. Singlteton - This is the Internet ministry of T.J. Singleton. T.J. is a fine preacher with a heart to help God's men. He is a blessing and you will enjoy his web site.

The Preachers Journal - This is a nice new web site by Brother Terry Cheek. He has a heart for preaching and a desire to be a blessing. His site is worth a look.

One Place - Lots of audio preaching from nearly every one who has a prominent radio program. You might not agree with all the theology you find here, but you got to learn to eat the chicken and spit out the bone!

Grace Baptist Church - This is the web site of Grace Baptist Church in Sevierville, TN. You will profit from a visit to the resources available on this site.

Treasured Truth Today - This is an excellent site hosted by my friends, Ken Humphries and Jack Anderson of Northern Ireland and the Isle of Mann, respectively. They have many excellent resources that make this site worth a visit.

Goodes Creek Baptist Church - Pastor Cecil Lovelace and the folk at Goodes Creek have put together a good web site. A new section, devoted to resources for pastor's, looks very promising. Visit and be blessed!

Sermon Seeds - A excellent sermon resource by Brother Jack Peters. There are some great sermon starters here and some other good resource material. Check it out!

Darren Duncan Ministries - This web site is a ministry outreach of Pastor Darren Duncan. Brother Duncan is the Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Church Hill, TN. He has created a good site with many helpful resources. This site is worth a visit!

Clark's Chapel Baptist Church - The Pastor, Dr. David Roberts, and the folks at Clark's Chapel Baptist have a site containing many useful resources and links. Check it out!

Today's Preacher - Brother Gary D. Lee has put together a great site, which contains a wealth of helps and resources for preachers of God's Word. This site is well worth and extended visit.

West Lenoir Baptist Church - Pastor Rick Safriet and the folks at West Lenoir have created a page that is worth your time to visit.  There is information here regarding West Lenoir Baptist School of Ministries, their annual Bible conference and other items of interest.

Fundamental Baptist Institute - Brother Ron Lesley has some valuable materials posted here.  A trip to this site would time well spent.

Berean Baptist Church - Dr. Ronnie Baity and the folks at Berean Baptist in Winston-Salem, NC have some resources that are worth noting.  Of special interest is the availability of conservative Christian radio station WPIP 880 AM.  This site is worth a visit!

Preach Him - On this fine site by Dr. James McCullen, you will find many good sermon outlines and helps.  Be sure to visit here often!  If you do, I'm sure you'll be blessed!

Westside Baptist Church - Brother Melvin Payne and the folks at Westside Baptist in Newnan, GA have put together a good site.  Please take the time to visit it and be helped.

Douglasville Baptist Temple - This is the web site for the Douglasville Baptist Temple and Pastor Neal Beard. They have some really good resources hear, including several good sermons in Real Audio. Check these folks out!

Preach The Word - This is the Internet ministry of David Legge. Dr. Legge is an excellent expositor. His site and his sermons are a blessing.

Beth Haven Baptist Church - This is a good site by Pastor David Coe.  He has sermon outlines and Real Audio sermons as well.  Take the time to visit and enjoy the scenery. 

Beacon Of Truth Ministries - This is a great page for tracts and Gospel literature.  They have a worldwide ministry, and opportunities for you to join them.

Mountain Manna - This page by Brother Terry Hagedorn a Pastor in West Virginia has many good sermons and other items of interest to Christians.  Good stuff!

Preaching The Word - Sermons and other material by Brother Tom Dooley.  Many of you have written asking about his page.  Well, here it is!

Providence Baptist Church - On this site you will find many good resources including several Real Audio sermons from Pastor David Horner.

Sermon Central - This is a sermon site that lives up to its name.   They claim to have over 32,000 full text sermons and sermon outlines.  Should be something here you can use.

News For Christians - An excellent site by Robert Cobb. Brother Robert provides news for the believer.

Teays Valley Baptist Church - This site introduces you to the ministry of Teays Valley Baptist Church in Hurricane, West Virginia.  The Pastor Dr. John Smith, invites you to hear the Real Audio message of the month; he offers a cassette tape of the month; also, he has a sermon of the month. He is linked to Dr. Tom Walker's Preacher's Corner where other sermons by Brother John are available.

Johnny the Baptist - This is Evangelist Johnny Campbell's web site. Brother Johnny has a tremendous testimony posted on his page.  He has sermon outlines and some messages on real audio.  Take some time to check it out.

Harvest Ministries - The is the web site for Harvest Fellowship and for A New Beginning radio ministry.  Greg Laurie is the Pastor and these folks have a lot of good quality resources available online.

Equipping Saints - This is a good site by brother Don Pucik.   He has lots of good sermon outlines and many, many good links to others sermon sites.  Worth a visit.

In-Depth Studies - The teaching ministry of Geoff Volker. Some good apologetic material on this site.

Love Worth Finding - Sister site for Bellevue Baptist Church. This is Dr. Adrian Rogers site. A good place to go for resource material from Dr. Rogers.

The Ministry Of The Word - Another good site with many helps and reference works.

Sermons, Stories, and Illustrations - This page by Pastor Shelton Colehas many good sermon outlines, and other resource materials. Worth a visit!

Dr. Tony Evans- Dr. Tony Evans brings his unique teaching style to the Internet. There are articles here by Dr. Evans and other things you might enjoy.

Insight For Living - This is the web site for Chuck Swindoll's popular radio broadcast.

Back To The Bible - Web site for the popular radio program,featuring Dr. Woodrow Kroll.

In Touch - Home page for Dr. Charles Stanley and the In Touch Ministry.

D. James Kennedy Ministries - Home page for Dr. D. James Kennedy.

Peninsula Bible Church - Good site. Lots of material by Ray Stedman.

Grace To You - John McArthur's Web Site

Thomas Road Baptist Church - Where Dr. Jerry Falwell pastored for many years. This site has a lot of sermons and Bible studies.

Jack Van Impe Ministries - Lots of prophecy info and other items of interest to believers.

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Bible Software

Accordance Bible Software (Mac)

Ages Software

Audio Bible (KJV on ONE CD!!! Check out the ON LINE Real Audio version)

The Bible Database

Bible Research Systems


Bible Software Distributors

Bridgestone BibleWare

The Christian Link (software page)   


Free Bible Software

The GRAMCORD Institute  

HeavenWord Audio Bible for Windows  

Hermeneutika - Bible Works

Logos Bible Software Online Catalog  

Logos Research Systems  

Nelson/Word's Web Site  

Olive Tree Bible Software

The Online Bible

Quick Verse

The Rainbow Study Bible for Windows95  

SwordSearcher 4.0 (Excellent!)

Software for Recovering People (part of Christians in Recovery page)

The Sword Project

Theophilos Bible Software

Thompson Chain HyperBible Computer Software (Kirkbride)


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Christian News Sources

Christian Top News - Christian news that matters.

News For Christians - Brother Robert Cobb has created an excellent source for news that pertains to believers. This page has quickly become on of my favorites.

Christian Answer Net - Visit this page to find the answers to many questions related to Christianity.

Christian Community Network - Good site for news and other things of interest to the Christian community.

Christian Answers To Contemporary Questions - A question and answer page for Christian issues.

The Rutherford Institute- This is the home page of, that's right, The Rutherford Institute. This organization is devoted to Christian legal issues.

The Christian Family Network - Site devoted to issues affecting the Christian family.

American Family Association - Don Wildmon's organization, devoted to exposing threats and attacks to the family. Here's where to go to find out which network or company displays the most anti-Christian bias.

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Secular News Sources

ABC News





Washington Post

USA Today

New York Times

The Jerusalem Post

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Excellent Christian Resources

Gardner-Webb University - This the link to the Department of Religious Studies and Philosophy at Gardner-Webb University. Several degree paths are available for those who seek to follow the Lord in vocational ministry.

Bible Sprout - This is an excellent source for Bible study resources. They have many articles by Dr. Elmer Towns.

Liberty University Online - Offering several degree programs for those seeking to better serve the Lord in His Work, Liberty University Online is an excellent choice. Visit their site for more information.

Bible Bulletin Board - Many sermons and articles from John MacArthur, Charles Spurgeon and others. This site is an excellent resource!

Timothy Ministries - A good collection of resources for God's people.

Bible Topics - Brother Brandon Staggs, author of SwordSeacher Bible software, has put R.A. Torrey's New Topical Textbook online. This is a tremendous resource for topical study.

The New Family Bureau - This site has plenty of Christian news, views and helps for just about anyone looking for anything.  An Internet site that is well worth a visit!

Answers In Genesis - This is the home page of Answers In Genesis. This ministry, headed up by Ken Hamm, deal with matters related to creation.  There are many excellent resources here for those who are interested in studying matters related to the sciences and the Bible.

All About Cohabiting - This page is dedicated to sharing the danger of living together before marriage.  There are some valuable helps here for those who need information about the social tragedy.

Bible Study Tools - This page features several great Bible study tools and commentaries.  A great way to expand your available study resources without depleting your wallet!

Phil Johnson's Page (The Hall of Christian History)- Literally hundreds of Bible links. Excellent site!

Alpha And Omega Ministries - This site deals with apologetics and other issues related to Biblical Christianity. Good Stuff! Dr. James White's Web site.

In-Depth Studies - The teaching ministry of Geoff Volker. Some good apologetic material on this site.

Serious Developments - A source for finding free Christian software on the Internet.

Bible Believer's Resource Page - A wealth of info here on various topics. Worth your time to check out.

The Center For Creation Science - This site is all about proving the creation story to be what the Bible says it is - FACT! Good source for scientific proof materials.

Biblical Studies Foundation - Many, many good Bible study resources. This is a good place to go to look for Bible helps.

The Spurgeon Archive - Just what it says! Here is where you can find all the Spurgeon you need.

Virtual Jerusalem - Just what the name implies. Tons of info on the City of Peace. Even has links to live video from the Wailing Wall and other sites of interest.

Christian Research Institute - Christian apologetics. Information about cults. They have 3 sites. They are: the Official Site, the Unofficial Site, and the Search Engine for finding info on the cults.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library - Hundreds of Christian classics, from the early church fathers to the great preachers of the last century.

Chick Tracts - Jack Chick's tract page.

Christian Apologetics And Research Ministry - Various pieces of information from Christian doctrine to cults.

The Jonathon Edwards Collection - Sermons and other things from the great puritan preacher.

Injoy Ministries - Dr. John Maxwell's page.   Lots of good resources here for leaders and others interested in Christian matters.

Christian Midi Files - Several good sound files.

Christian Answers To Contemporary Questions - A question and answer page for Christian issues.

The Rutherford Institute- This is the home page of, that's right, The Rutherford Institute. This organization is devoted to Christian legal issues.

Christian Financial Concepts - This is the web site for Larry Burkette's Christian financial ministry.

National Religious Broadcasters - This site deals with Christian radio broadcasters. You can here actual audio streams of the broadcasts of several noted Christian broadcasters.

Moody Bible Institute - The homepage for, you guessed it, Moody Bible Institute.

Christian Community Network - Good site for news and other things of interest to the Christian community.

Christian Radio - A site leading to Christian radio resources on the web.

Rejoice - Another site dealing with Christian radio.

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