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Galatians 4:4-7


Intro: This passage deals with an event that is central to our thoughts during this time of year. It speaks about the coming of Jesus Christ into this world. It deals with the incarnation of Jesus. Incarnation is a word that means - “In flesh. It refers to that glorious moment in history when God took upon Himself a human body. The incarnation is, without doubt, the single most amazing feat ever accomplished by God! For in the Person of the baby Jesus, God fulfilled all the prophecies of times gone by and accomplished all the hopes of times yet to come.

Today, I want us to look into the incarnation and see if we can begin to grasp some of the glories of it. For in these verses, there are truths that will never be fully comprehended until we stand in His presence, perfected in Heaven, 1 Cor. 13:12. Let’s look together at the Glories Of The Incarnation.



A. Planned By A Perfect Sovereign - Ill. The glory that He would love fallen men - Ill. Job - Job 7:17-18; Ill. David - Psa. 8:4. Ill. His great love is seen not in what He gives us, but in Who He gave us - Rom. 5:8

B. Planned Around A Perfect Setting - The time was perfect for the birth of Jesus. It was perfect: Psychologically, Prophetically, and Politically, (Rio Romana, Lex Romana, Pax Romana). It was the perfect time in regard to language. (Ill. God’s patience - there are at least 4,000 years between Genesis 3:15 and Matt. 1:25.)

C. Planned For A Perfect Substitute - His Son - John 3:16. (Ill. This reveals the scope of His love for humanity!)



A. The Power Of Its Method - Made Of A Woman - God became flesh - John 1:1; 14. (Ill. The king of Kings took upon Himself the form of a servant, Phil. 2:5-8. The timeless One stepped out of eternity and into time, Ill. If only daddy would step out of that picture. The One who fills all things limited Himself to the body of a helpless infant. The Creator became dependant upon the creature. Heaven’s bread sought nourishment at Mary’s breast. (Ill. One great day, His weakness would become the greatest power the world would ever know! When the sinless One died for sinners, when death claimed an innocent man, when the glorious blood of God was shed, Hell trembled, Satan fell, sin lost its power and sinners went free!)

B. The Power Of Its Ministry - Made Under The Law - (Ill. Matt. 5:17) (Ill. How He fulfilled the Law - Lk. 2:21-52) Ill. The Sovereign became a subject! (Ill. That it might be fulfilled - 9 times in Matthew) (Ill. Matt. 3:15!!) Jesus kept the Law that we might be freed from it - Rom. 6:14. He did it for us! Now, when a sinner comes to Jesus, he is declared righteous, or as one who has kept the Law! Ill. We are incapable in ourselves - James 2:10!



A. To Purchase Us - Redeem = To buy in the market place and totally remove from the sale! We have been purchased by the precious blood of Jesus - Rev. 1:5; 1 Pet. 1:19! The sole purpose of Jesus coming into this world was to redeem God’s elect from the judgment of sin and God’s wrath in Hell and place them into the family of God - John 18:37!

B. To Parent Us - (Ill. The Roman ceremony of the “toga virilis. The father would remove the garment called the “toga preatexta and place the toga virilis on the body of his son and declare him a full heir to all that he owned. (Ill. Jesus came to remove the garments of sin from us and to cloth us in the righteousness of Jesus! - Ill. Isa. 61:10; Zech. 3:1-5!) (Ill. Abba - Our relationship with God is an intimate one, never be afraid to approach Him - 1 Pet. 5:7!)



A. The Promise Of A New Station - Not a slave, but a son! (Ill. I John 3:1-2!) (Ill. The old life is one of slavery - Eph. 2:1-4!) The new life is one of Son ship and blessing!

B. The Promise Of A New Status - From the wages of sin - Rom. 6:23, and the unrighteousness of the flesh, Isa. 64:6 - to the riches of the Father! Rom. 8:17; Ill. 1 Pet. 1:3-5! Everything that belongs to Jesus belongs to you and me! One day, we will receive our inheritance what glory that will be, 1 Cor. 2:9!


Conc: All of this is ours, just because Jesus came. Because He loved us more than His own life, we have the assurance of the best that God can give us here, and the promise of sharing His glories in eternity! What blessings are our just because He was willing to become a man for us! He paid an eternal price so that we could enjoy eternal blessings. Bless His glorious Name!

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