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No claims of absolute originality are made for this material. As one man said, "I milk a lot of cows, but I churn my own butter." Please use these sermons as the Lord leads, but nothing on this site may be used for profit without my expressed, written permission!




Luke 12:29-32


Intro:  Well, here it is Father’s Day again.  It is another of the holidays created by the greeting card companies to increase our guilt and their income.  I am always amazed at how we treat Father’s Day.  On Mother’s Day we often hear sermons exalting the role of the mother in the family.  Mothers are encouraged, praised and lifted up as the most important person in the home.  And, we should thank the Lord for godly mothers.

      Then there’s Father’s Day.  Dad comes to church and hears a sermon on how he does not measure up as a father.  He is told about some biblical father and the perfect life he lived, and dad leaves feeling like a failure who will never measure up as a dad.  Well dad, I have two pieces of news for you today.  First, you are a special person too!  You are just as important in the home as mom and I thank the Lord for every one of you.  Second, you do not have to listen to a sermon on this Father’s Day telling you how you could do a better job as a father.

      Today, I want to preach about The Most Wonderful Father Of Them All.  I want to preach about the One Jesus referred to as “My Father” fifty-three times in the Gospels.  But, when Jesus talked about the Father, He did not just call Him “My Father.”  He also called God “Our Father” some twenty-one times in the Gospels. Thus, Jesus clearly shows us that those who believe on Jesus share the same relationship with God in Heaven that He Himself shares.  But, if you do the research, you will find that it gets even better than that!  Jesus calls God “your Father” twenty-one times in the Gospels as well!

      I am interested in the matter of God being called our Father.  I would like to examine these verses together today.  As we do I would like to point some aspects of our connection to our Heavenly Father.  I want to encourage you today and help you to rejoice in your relationship with God.  If you are not saved, I would like to help you to come to know Jesus as your personal Savior as well.  I want to preach on the subject: The Most Wonderful Father Of Them All.



(Ill. Jesus calls God “your Father.”  As I said, Jesus used that designation for God twenty-one times in the Gospels. That title and the two verses where it is used in our text give us some precious insights into our relationship to “our Father.”)

      A.  It Is A Personal Relationship – The title “your Father” speaks of a very personal relationship.  When an unbeliever comes to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, that person is “born again.”  At that instant, that person is brought into a very personal relationship with the God of the universe.  In fact, the newly redeemed sinner is actually “adopted” into the family of God, Rom. 8:15.  The word “adoption” literally means “to place as a son.”  That person instantly becomes a child of God in heaven, 1 John 3:1-2!  You see, in adoption a son is brought into a family and is given the same rights as a child who is born into that family.  Hallelujah!

B.  It Is A Profound Relationship – This is a remarkable thing when you stop to consider what a person is before God saved them by His grace.  According to the Bible, the lost sinner is God’s enemy, Rom. 8:7.  He or she is also a slave to the world, the flesh and the devil, Eph. 2:1-3.  In fact, the lost sinner is doomed and condemned to an eternity in Hell, John 3:18; 36; Eph. 2:3.  The sad fact is this: every person in the entire world who has not been saved is in this horrible, lost condition, Gal. 3:22; Rom. 3:10-23. 

            When you stop to consider the truth that a lost, hell-bound, hell-deserving sinner could even be saved by the grace of God; it is a profound and amazing thing!  But, when you consider that same sinner also becomes a child of God, well, that is amazing beyond words!

            You see, the Jews had no concept of God as a “Father.”  They saw Him as Jehovah, the transcendent God.  They could never have thought of God in so intimate of terms.  So, when Jesus arrived calling God “Father”, it was a totally new concept and it even angered many of them.


      (Ill.  the Jews had dozens of names for God. What they needed at any given time usually dictated the name that they used to call on God. For instance:

      1. If they had a need in their life, they would call on "Jehovah-jireh", Gen. 22:14, which means, "The Lord will provide."

      2. If they were anxious, they would call on "Jehovah-shalom", Judges 6:24, which means "The Lord our peace."

      3. If they were lonely, or afraid, they might call on "Jehovah-shammah", Eze. 48:35, which means "The Lord is there."

      4. If they need leadership, they would call on "Jehovah-rohi", Psalm 23:1, which means "The Lord our Shepherd."

      5. If they were sick, they would call on "Jehovah-rapha", Exodus 15:26, which means "The Lord our healer."

            There are literally dozens more, but you get the picture. When these people needed to get a hold of God, they referred to Him by these various names. However, for those who are in Jesus, there is a different name that we can use to speak to God. This name was revealed to the Disciples in Luke 11:1-4 in what is known as "The Lord's Prayer", but is more correctly "The Disciple's Prayer." Here, the disciples, who have witnessed the amazing prayer life of Jesus and who want the same access to God what to know how to pray. I can imagine them waiting to hear which name He would give them to use in their prayers. Imagine their surprise when Jesus spoke the word "Father." In this passage, the Aramaic word “abba” is used, which translates to the English word “daddy”.[1]

            When I think of what I was when He found me and what He did when He me; I stand amazed in the presence of such love, power and grace.)


C.  It is A Permanent Relationship – When God adopted us into His family, He did not do it for just a while.  He did it for all eternity!  You see, adoption, as it was practiced in biblical times, could not be undone.  A man had the right to disown his natural children; but an adopted child was a child for life.  He or she could never be disowned by the father.  This is the same guarantee that we have today, John 10:28; John 6:37-40; 1 Pet. 1:5.  What God does when He saves a soul is a forever work!



(Ill. Just as a human father has certain responsibilities to the children that are born to him; God has taken on many responsibilities in relation to His children.  These verses tell us about a few of those responsibilities.)

A.  v. 30  He Has The Responsibility Of Awareness – The Bible says that He “knoweth that ye have need of these things.”  The verb “have need” is in a tense that means our needs are “many and they are constant.”  That sounds like my life how about you?  We are a needy people! 

            Even though we all have needs and we all have them all the time; God is well aware of every single one of them!  You see, the word “knoweth” means “to be aware of something.”  The tense of this verb means that “He is always aware of everything that affects His children.”  Sometimes we human parents just do not know what the needs of our children are.  We may not always know, but our Heavenly Father always knows.  What a blessed truth!

            Nothing happens in your life or mine that goes unnoticed by our Father, verses 24, 26-28.  I will go even farther and say that nothing happens in your life or mine that is not part of his plan for us, Rom. 8:28.  Thank God, He is aware of everything that is going on, and that is going wrong, in our lives, Job 23:10; Psa. 139:1-12!

            (Ill. Too often our focus is on the physical and the material; but we also have needs in the emotional, mental and spiritual realms of life.  Regardless of what the need is, He knows all about it.)


B.  v. 31  He Has The Responsibility Of Ability – It isn’t enough for the Lord just to know about what His children need; He must possess the ability to meet those needs, or His knowledge does us no good.  According to this passage, God does have the power to take care of us as well as to know about us.  Verse 32, for instance, tells us that it is “The Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”  The word “kingdom” refers to “all that pertains to His rule.”  It speaks of “the power of the ruling One.”  Like a wealthy, benevolent king, God has the wherewithal to meet every need that arises in the lives of each of His children.  Therefore, when He says “all these things shall be added unto you”, verse 31; He has the ability to back up that promise.

            Many people live in doubt of God’s great ability to care for His people; but I would like to remind you that if God can speak this universe into existence, He can take care of you.  If He can keep Noah safe through that flood; feed Elijah with the ravens; put meal in the barrel, oil in the cruse and life in the boy for the widow; keep the three Hebrew boys safe in the furnace; secure Daniel in the lion’s den; feed Israel manna and quail in the wilderness for forty years; slay Goliath for David; take care of those disciples in that storm; part the Red Sea for Moses; raise Lazarus from the dead; walk on the water; feed the five thousand, and countless other things too numerous to mentions; I think He is able to take care of you!  He is able, Eph. 3:20; Matt. 28:18; Jer. 32:17, 27; Rom. 4:21!  (Ill. That ought to make a Bible-believing Baptist have a Holy Ghost fit!)

            We human parents may not always be able to meet the needs of our children; but God will never fail.  He is eternally able to perfectly care for His children!

C.  v. 32  He Has The Responsibility Of Availability – God’s awareness of our needs and His power to help us is a wonderful truth; but if He is a God Who is far removed from His children, then His power does us no good!  He must be available.  Praise God, He is!  Notice verse 32.  We are told that it is the “Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”  The words “good pleasure” means “to choose, to determine, to be ready, to be well pleased with to do that which seems good.”  God has determined to be ready to do that which is good for His children.  This implies that He has made Himself available to us.  He is available to each of His children, Matt. 11:28; Heb. 13:5; Matt. 28:20.  He is as close to us as a simple prayer of faith!

            There are times when we human parents are not as available as we should be to our children.  Sometimes we are busy.  Sometimes we are estranged from them.  Sometimes one problem or the other gets in the way.  But, the same is not true with God!  He is always near and He is always available, day or night!


(Ill. He perfectly executes all the His responsibilities all the time.  Praise His Name!)


III.  v. 29-32                A DISCUSSION OF OUR ROLE

(Ill. While we can count on God doing His part perfectly; there are times when we fall short on our end of this thing.  Well, we have a role too.)

A.  v. 29, 32  We Must Have Faith – Notice what the Bible says in verse 29.  We are commanded “neither be ye of doubtful mind.”  This phrase means “to be agitated or harassed with cares.” It is a term that was used to describe a ship that was being tossed about upon a stormy sea.  Here, it is used a metaphor for worry.  Jesus is saying, “Child of God, do not allow your mind to be tossed up and down by the waves of worry, doubt and fear.”

            In verses 32, we are told to “fear not.”  That phrase means “to be out to flight, to be seized with fear.”  This may not mean much to you, but that command is in the “middle voice.”  It could be read this way, “Do not allow yourself to be seized with fear.”

            Jesus is challenging us to learn to trust the Lord; regardless of what circumstances may look like.  There are times when it may appear that there is no solution; never count God out!  Learn to look away to Him and to trust in His power in ever single circumstance, Mark 11:22-23; Mark 9:23; Psa. 62:8.  Always remember that we serve a God Who is Sovereign.  That is, He is in absolute control, even when things look impossible, they are not, if God is in control of them!  Trust in the Lord and He will never allow you to be put to shame, Rom. 10:11!

B.  v. 31  We Must Be Faithful – If we will experience the awesome power of God in our lives day by day; we must learn to be faithful to the Lord.  In other words, He must come first!  The word “seek” in verse 31 means “to crave something.”  We are to crave, or desire the things of God ahead of all other things in our lives.  When we put Him first; God will put us first!  However, when our desires are misplaced; we miss out on the Lord’s best for our lives.  When we pursue the spiritual, God will always see to the material!  When He is first, you never have to worry about the rest.

            Now, don’t misunderstand me, God remains faithful even when we fail Him and ignore Him, 2 Tim. 2:13.  But, even though He may go on being our Father; we miss out His best when we fail to put the Lord first in our lives. Let me encourage you to examine your life and your priorities today.  If God, His Word, time with Him, His house, etc, are not the priorities of your life; then please take whatever steps are necessary to get that straightened out.  Remember, when you put Him first on your priority list, He will keep you at the very top of His.


Conc:  God truly is the most wonderful Father of all!  The fact that He would love the unworthy, save them by His grace and adopt them into His family proves this.  Add to this the fact that He looks out for His children and takes care of them in spectacular fashion.  I am glad that He is my Father today!

      How about you?  Can you honestly say, “Preacher, I am saved by the grace of God?  I know that He is my Father and I am His child.”  If you can’t say that, then I want to invite you to come to Him right now and call on Him.  If you will, He will save you!

      If you are saved, can you honestly say that God and His business are the first priorities of your life?  If not, I invite you to come to Him today so that He can help you get all your priorities in their proper order.

      If you are a child of God who has needs in your life and you need help; there is no better place to bring those needs than to the Father Himself.  I invite you to come before Him and get the help you need right now.

      If you know the Father and know how wonderful He is, I invite you to bow at His feet and tell Him just how you feel about Him.  I have a sneaking suspicion that He might like that!

      Whatever the needs may be, this altar is open.

[1] From Precious Words To A Precious People, another sermon by Alan Carr. http://www.sermonnotebook.org/new%20testament/Luke%2012_32.htm

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