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Luke 14:15-24      ARE YOU COMING TO THE SUPPER?

Intro: Ill. The context of the parable.  In response to a flippant, self-righteous answer, Jesus relates this powerful parable about salvation.  In these verses, Jesus compares salvation to a feast.  Now, watching some Christians, you might think salvation was a funeral.  They walk through life with a tombstone under one arm and a coffin under the other.  When you come to Jesus, you are going to a feast and not a funeral!

      Ill. Some of the feasts I have attended in my life – Homecomings, Family Gatherings, Revivals, etc.  They were like a pauper’s meal compared to what I have received from the hand of the Lord Jesus in salvation. 

      Think of it!  When you sit at the Lord’s salvation table, you can see a dish of forgiveness; there is a tray of filled with grace and peace; bowls of joy are sitting here and there; and plates of His sweet love are all over the table!  What a blessing it is to know Him!

      This parable is all about a precious invitation to come to this great and wonderful table of salvation.  I want to sped our time together today talking about the Lord’s invitation to come to His supper.  I want to share the facts about this invitation with you today and ask you this question: Are You Coming To The Supper?


  I.  v. 17                   THE INVITATION IS EXTENDED

(Ill. Ancient customs regarding large feasts.  An announcement would be made weeks or even months in advance.  Those invited were expected to send back a letter wither accepting or declining the invitation.  Then, when the day of the feast arrived, and the feast was prepared, servants were sent to invite those who said they would come to make their way to the feast.)

A.  The Invitation Is Simple – “Come” – One of the greatest words in the Bible.  Used by Noah; used by Isaiah, Isa. 1:18; used by Jesus, Matt. 11:28.  Let “whosoever will” come, Rev. 22:17.  It is a simple invitation!  Anyone who will come to Jesus will be saved, Rom. 10:13; John 14:6; Isa. 45:22.  (Ill. The serpent on the pole.)

B.  The Invitation Is Solid – “All things are now ready” – God has already done everything necessary to make salvation available.  He did it all when He sent His Son Jesus to die for our sins.  He tears, His suffering, His death, His resurrection, all say, “Come, all things are now ready!” (Ill. John 19:30!) (Ill. This is the difference between religion and salvation.  Ill. Moody and “Your salvation is spelled ‘Do’.”  Mine is spelled ‘Done’.”)

C.  The Invitation Is Serious – “Now” – God has done everything necessary to provide salvation.  He is ready, but He wants us to come to Him.  The time to come is now, 2 Cor. 6:2.  Do not put it off until later; later may never come, Pro. 27:1; Pro. 29:1.  There may never be another opportunity, Isa. 55:6.


 II.  v. 18-20               THE INVITATION IS EVADED

(Ill. The context.  “With one consent” sounds like they got together and conspired not to come to the feast.  They made their excuses.)

A.  The Excuses Are Examined – Ill. The excuses – They sounded reasonable.  All sound reasonable.  (Ill. What’s your excuse?)

B.  The Excuses Are Exposed – While they appear reasonable on the surface; in truth, they are absolutely foolish and unreasonable!  Sinners are left without excuse before the Lord, Rom. 1:20; Rom. 2:1. (Ill. Queen Elizabeth II – “All excuses ceasing.”)

Ψ      Ill. The excuses used by people for not coming to Jesus:

Ψ      “Too many hypocrites in the church” Hell will be full of them;

Ψ      “I am afraid I cannot live it” – Same as saying, “I’m not going in a pool until I learn to swim”; or “I will not touch a piano until I learn to play.”  You can’t live for Jesus, He has to live through you, Gal. 2:20;

Ψ      “I just don’t feel it” – Show me where you are supposed to feel something.  Jesus said “Come!”  you do that and He will give you the feeling!;

Ψ      “There’s too much to give up” – Like what? Ill. Mark 8:36-37.  That’s like a man with cancer telling the doctor to leave it because he is too attached to it.;

Ψ      “I am too great a sinner” – He can and will save anyone – John 6:37; Heb. 7:25;

Ψ           “I’ll come later, but not today.” – You may be too busy to come to God, but you are not too busy to live in sin; and you certainly aren’t too busy to die!


III.  v. 21-23             THE INVITATION IS EXPANDED

(Ill. The context – A command was issued and carried out and the feast continued.  Ill. How salvation came to us – Rom. 1:16; John 1:11-12.)

A.  The Direction Of this Grace – All kinds of people; people no one else wanted; people no one else would have invited.  That is what grace does!  (Ill. Who God will save – If you want to know, just look around His table today – David, Peter, Rahab, Magdalene, drunks, harlots, drugs addicts, religious people, ect. John 6:37.) Imagine some of the excuses this crowd might have had.

B.  The Desire Of This Grace – A full house – There will not be an empty seat at His table.  He knows who is going and there is a place for each one over there!

C.  The Demand Of This Grace – “Compel” – Means “to persuade, to drive.” – Speaks of the drawing of the Spirit, John 6:44, Eph. 2:1-4a.  Nothing to commend, but compelled to come anyway!  What grace!


Conc:  Ill. Verse 24 – Those who offered excuses and refused to come were left out, John 8:24.  Not enough to be invited, you must taste! What will you do with His invitation?  If you come to Jesus, you will be part of an eternal feast in Heaven.  If you do not, you will be part of an eternal funeral in Hell.  Are you coming to the supper? (Ill. Write your excuse…I refused you invitation because… Do you think it will hold up? Well, it won’t!) (Ill. Take another sheet and this time write out your desire to accept His invitation to be saved.)  Will you come to Jesus Christ today and be saved?

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