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Intro:  Ill. The blessedness of this passage.  It teaches a truth that many never grasp 

and that truth is this: If you are a believer, you have eternal security with the Lord 

Jesus Christ.

	Ill. A child who did not know from day to day whether or not he was a member 

of the family.  If he was good one day, he was in, if he was bad, then he was out.  

One day his father loved him, the next day, he didn’t.  I tell you that child would be 

an emotional and a psychological wreck.  Fact is, regardless of your behavior, you 

are always going to be a member of you family and there is nothing you, or they can 

do about it!  Why is that?  Because you were born into the family and that can never 

be changed!  So it is with God’s family!  You see, if you are in Jesus, you are a part 

of the family and you can experience all the peace and security that He wants all of 

His children to enjoy.

	(Ill. Golden Gate Bridge – 23 workers fell to their deaths in the San Francisco 

Bay.  After that, the city erected huge nets beneath the bridge.  After they were in 

place, only a handful fell, and they were safe, and the work was completed in record 

time and with record safety.  Why?  The workers could concentrate on their jobs and 

not have to worry about dying!)  To be a productive Christian you need to know that 

your future is absolutely secure.  If you are to do a great work for Jesus, then you 

need to be able to focus on the task at hand, instead of always worrying about your 

future.  This type of fear and doubt cripples us and prevents us from reaching our 

fullest potential as believers.  It also prevents some from bring saved.  They fear that 

they do have the ability to live the Christian life.  Fact is, they don’t, but neither do 

they understand that it is Christ living in the believer that makes Christianity 


	By God’s help this morning, I want to show you how you can know for sure 

that you have eternal security.  Next to salvation, the greatest blessing in life is 

knowing that you are eternally saved.

	Before we discuss why the believer is eternally secure, we all need to be on the 

same page.  We need to define our terms.  Just who is a believer?  A believer is one 

who has received Jesus into his heart, as Savior, by faith.  A believer is trusting Jesus 

Christ, totally, for salvation.  This person is born again, John 3:3, and has been made 

a partaker of the Divine nature, 2 Pet. 1:4.  This person can never be lost again!

	But, what about those who appeared to be saved, but now have no interest in 

spiritual things?  I would answer that they have never truly been saved!  They used 

to attend church, they may have been baptized, they may have made a public 

profession of faith, they may have looked Christian, but now they are out in the 

world.  Jesus spoke of just this type – Matt. 7:22-23.  We have all seen it happen, and 

I would like to say that they have probably never been saved.  If they left the faith 

and stayed away, then they were never saved – 1 John 2:19.  They didn’t lose their 

salvation, they simply never had it to begin with.  (Ill. Judas)  The reason they fell 

away and stayed away is because they were never saved – Ill. Chastisement – Heb. 


	For those who are truly trusting Jesus this morning, allow me to show you 

several reasons why you are eternally saved.

  I.  Rom. 8:38-39		GOD’S PROMISE  (Ill.  The context)

    (Ill. His promises are guarantees – Rom. 4:21)  If you believe the Bible, then you 

can believe in eternal security!

 II.  Phil. 1:6			GOD’S PERSEVERANCE  Not mine, HIS!

    (Ill. The context.  Who began the work?  GOD!  Who will complete the work?  

GOD!  He brought us under conviction and then He helped us receive Jesus.  He is 

the Convictor, He is the Convertor and He is the Completor!  He always finishes 

what He starts – Eccl .3:14.  If any believe could ever be lost again, it would mean 

that God would be defeated in His eternal purpose.  That is an impossibility!  He will 

finish what He has begun in you!


    (Ill. The Context.  Those who receive Christ are predestined to go to Heaven and 

to be just like Jesus.  He saw it, He planned it, He predestined it and He brought it to 

pass.  It is impossible to be saved and then be lost again.  Because it destroys the 

predestined plan of Almighty God.  Ill. He sees us as already being in Heaven.  If 

man or Satan could change that, it would mean that God were neither Omniscient or 

Omnipotent.  He would cease to exist!  Think about it!  That which is settled in 

eternity can never be undone in time!

 IV.  Heb. 10:14			OUR PERFECTION

     (He made us perfect by His sacrifice.  Not perfect for a time, but perfect forever!  

He did not make a down payment on our sanctification, He paid the debt in full and 

purchased it forever by His precious blood.  As a Christian, I did not get a fresh start, 

I got a new life.  Not a new beginning, a new nature!

	We are not perfect in the flesh!  Only in the soul!  If I step out of line, I will be 

chastened, but I will still be viewed as perfect by the Father.  Ill. Rom. 4:5-8 – We 

are not saved by good works and we cannot lose it by bad ones.  We are saved 

through the imputed righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We have been declared 

perfect- 1 Cor. 6:9-11.

  V.  2 Cor. 5:17			OUR POSITION  (In Christ)

    (When a person receives Christ, he becomes a new creation, they literally become 

a part of Christ – 1 Cor. 12:13.  The only way that a believer can lose his relationship 

with the Father is for the Son to do so first.  That is a total impossibility!  (Ill. Noah 

and his family – They were secure because of their position! (In the Ark)  Ill. Noah 

probably fell many times in the Ark, but he never fell out!  He was in the place of 

safety.  We, as believers, enjoy a greater measure of safety than Noah!

 VI.  John 5:24  			OUR POSSESSION

    (Ill. We were given eternal life when we were saved.  Not “ten year life”, not 

“until I sin life”.  We possess it right now, not at death!  It is the present, eternal 

possession of every child of God!

VII.  John 17:15			CHRIST’S PRAYER

    (He never prayed a prayer that wasn’t answered.  He always prayed in the Father’s 

will and the Father always answered in the affirmative.  He prayed specifically for us 

in verses 20 and 24.  In verse 24, He expresses a desire that will be brought to pass.  

We will be with Him in Heaven some day.  He prayed for your keeping and for your 

home going.  Therefore, you can rest assured and walk secured in the knowledge that 

you are saved by the grace of God and secure in the love of Christ.  (Ill. By the way, 

He is still praying for you now – Heb. 7:25!)

VIII.  1 Pet. 1:3-5			GOD’S POWER

    (God’s power is greater than any other and it is that power that keeps us saved!  If 

Satan could get one believer out of the hand of God, he would have them all!  But 

praise God, he cannot do that, Ill. John 10:28b-29b.  Ill. John 10:28- The word 

“Never” is there four times in the Greek.  

Oume – Not at all, by no means, in no case, never

Eis – Time, place, purpose

Ho – Male of female

Aion – Perpetually or eternally.

A literal rendering of that verse is this, “And I give unto the eternal life and they 

shall not at all, by any means, in any case, in any place, at any time, for any purpose, 

whether they be male or female, perpetually or eternally ever perish!”  

The word perish is interesting also.  It literally means that they can “never destroy 

themselves.”  The Good Shepherd has made it His mission that we all arrive home 


Conc:  Are you a believer?  If so rejoice, because you are eternally secure in Christ!  

Stop allowing the devil to kick you around.  You are a child of God and you are 

going to Heaven, you have a right to feel good about what the Lord has done for you.

If you are lost, please come to Him and be saved.  Do not let your fears or you 

sins take you to Hell.

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