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1 John 5:11-13       HOW YOU CAN BE SAVED AND KNOW IT

Intro:  I used to work with a lady who when I would say, “I am glad I am saved!,” 

would reply, “No one can know for sure that he is really saved.”  My reply was 

always, “The Bible says I can and I am sure that I am saved.  In fact, I am as sure for 

Heaven as if I were already standing there now!”

	Christians can know for sure that they are saved and Heaven bound!  You do 

not have to settle for a “hope so” salvation, or a “maybe so” Christianity.  You can 

have real assurance of heart and soul.  John wrote these words so that we could know 

for sure that we are saved and that we might live in triumphant assurance.  

	Having doubt does not mean that you are not saved!  All Christians doubt at 

some time or the other.  Doubts, however, can be defeating and devastating to your 

Christian walk.  Thank God, we can know!  John penned some truths that can take 

away our doubts and replace them with assurance.

	Assurance is essential to a healthy Christian life!  When you lack assurance, 

you lack confidence in your self and in God.  Assurance is important because you 

have an eternal soul.  It will spend eternity in one of two places.  You will be in 

either Heaven or in Hell. Which one depends on what you do with the Lord Jesus 

Christ!  In light of that, we need to be absolutely sure where we will spend our 

eternity.  Allow me to show you today How To Be Saved And Sure.


How does a person “get saved?”

A.  1 John 5:1 – Salvation is accomplished through simple belief in the person of 

      Jesus Christ.  That He is in fact, the promised Messiah – The Son Of God!  

      John 1:11-12.

    B.  Belief is not just mental assent to the facts, (Ill. James 2:19), but it is total faith 

         and an absolute commitment.  (Ill. Eph. 2:8-9; Acts 16:31; John 6:47)

    C.  Salvation comes, not on the basis of your actions, but on the basis of your faith 

         in Christ’s actions, (Ill. Calvary), I cannot depend on the best 15 mins. Of my 

         life to get me into Heaven!  I am not saved because of anything I have done, 

        but it is pure faith and pure grace!  (Ill. Picture grace as God reaching down 

	saying, “I love you and want to save you.”  Picture faith as you reaching up to 

	God saying, “I want to be saved and I believe what you have said about Jesus 

	in your Word!”)  Salvation only comes to those who are will to place their 

	unreserved faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!  (Ill. No works, no good, no maybes, 

	no hope outside Jesus!)

    D.  Have you trusted Jesus, and Jesus alone, for your soul’s salvation?

 II.                          THE ASSURANCE OF SALVATION

 	The book of 1 John was written to give Christians assurance of salvation.  John 

uses the word “know” almost 40 times in this short letter.  He does this, 

because the Lord wants us to know that we have been saved!  In the course of 

this book, he gives us 3 basic tests that we can take to determine whether or not 

we have been born again.  Consider what the Lord has to teach you concerning 

this great matter of assurance!

    A.  The Lordship Test – Is Jesus the LORD of you life?  Is He in control of 

	you?1 John 2:3-4  In the heart of the Christian, there will be a desire to do the 

	will of God.  The person who could care less about what God thinks is not 

	saved.  The truly born again person will have as his hearts desire to obey and 

	please the Lord.  (Ill. “Keep” = Sailors keeping the stars.  May become 

	distracted and stray off course, but will recognize one’s error and straighten 

	out.)  Not sinless perfection, but  a life of striving for the goal!  Sinners are not 

	saved by keeping His commandments, but saints are marked by a desire to do 

	what pleases the Lord! 1 John 3:24; John 14:15.

    B.  The Fellowship Test – 1 John 3:14.  There will be a genuine love for God and 

	for His children! (Ill. 1 John 4:20-21)  (Ill. There will be a desire for unity, 

	peace, fellowship, Heb. 10:25!)  Ill. 1 John 4:7-8 – Love will characterize the 

	true Christian!  (Ill. There will be times of struggle between believers, but true 

	Christians cannot allow those feelings to linger!)

    C.  The Relationship Test – 1 John 5:11-13.  Salvation is a vital relationship with 

	the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Bible never says to point back to some experience 

	to determine the status of your soul, it says to look at your current relationship 

	– Ill. “hath” – present tense.  How is your relationship now?  Is Christ your 

	companion?  You Friend? Or, is He Someone you have heard about, but never 

	bothered to get to know?  The question is not, “Did you believe in Jesus?” 

	rather it is, “Are you believing in Him?”  Do you have a relationship with the 

	Lord right now?  (Ill. He isn’t like a light switch!  You cannot turn Him on and 

	off at will.  If He is present in your life, He will make His presence known in 


Conc:  It may be that you have never been able to grasp that assurance that God has 

said was yours for the having.  When I was a young Christian, my faith was like a 

roller coaster.  I was certain one moment and doubting the next.  It went this way 

until one day I was asking God to save me for the millionth time and the Holy Ghost 

said, “I’ve already saved you.  I did it the first time you asked me!  Who are you 

doubting?  Me or you?”  It was then I realized that God was as good as His Word.  I 

am saved today, and I know it, because God said I am and I can.  The same is 

available for you this morning if you will come to Him.  God help you to do just 


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