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Intro:  Ill. The Context.  This is a graphic description of the days of Noah.  (Ill. The 

activities described are not sinful, they simply indicate a culture where no thought 

was given to God or the consequences of one’s activity.)  Jesus is teaching us the 

truth that the last days will resemble the days just prior to the flood which destroyed 

the world in Noah’s day.  He tells us this so that we might be able to discern the 

times and know that the end is near.  Tonight, I would like to say that there are forces 

in operation today similar to those active in the days of Noah.  There are 4 elements 

active now that were active then.  These 4 elements remind us that we are in the last 

days and that we have a mission to accomplish before we leave this world.  Let’s 

look together at these four elements that mark the last days.


    A.  Gen. 6:4 – A lack of spiritual separation.  (Ill. Context)  God’s demand is total 

	separation from liberalism, false religion and the like – 2 Cor. 6:17.

    B.  Gen. 6:5 – A lack of moral standards.  (Ill. The Context)  Sounds like our 

	world.  Anything goes!  However, God’s standard for us is one of total 

	holiness and clean living before him – 1 Pet. 1:16  (Ill. Amos 3:3)

    C.  Luke 17:26-27 – A Lack of Spiritual Discernment – Men are blind to the truth 

	of Scripture, the demands of a holy God and the approaching judgment of God.  

	(Ill. Satan is responsible for a portion of this blindness – 2 Cor. 4:4.  Man is 

	responsible as well – Man always has a choice – Joshua 24:15.)


    A.  Gen. 6:7 – A flood was coming, and men weren’t ready for it.

    B.  Ill. The rapture and the great tribulation are on the horizon and man is still 

	unprepared to meet God – Matt. 24:44.

    C.  This world is headed toward judgment and it doesn’t realize the magnitude and 

	force of the storm it faces!  (Ill. Hell, Ill. The terrible calamities of the 

	tribulation period.)  There is a storm coming and men must be warned.  (Ill. 

	Many won’t heed – 2 Tim. 4:3; but they need to be told anyway!)


    A.  Gen. 6:5-6 – God was busy in Noah’s day.  He was observing and cataloging 

	the activity and condition if the world. Ill. Pro. 15:3; Heb. 4:13  He still sees 

	everything that happens, in the world and in the mind and heart of man!

    B.  God was disturbed by what He saw – Gal. 6:7  He is still disturbed by sin!

    C.  God was working in Noah’s world, and we must always remember that 

	regardless of how bad the world gets, God is always doing His work.  He is 

	always on the job! Psalm 121:3-4.


    A.  Ill. Noah was God’s mouthpiece in that day!  (Ill. 2 Pet. 2:5; 1 Pet. 3:20; Gen. 

	6:3)  He preached the coming judgment for 120 years without a single convert.  

	Yet, he preached on!  (Ill. What grace, even while God was planning judgment, 

	He was still reaching out to sinners.  Ill. He could have destroyed the world 

	instantly, but instead He gave them 120 years of grace!  That’s God!)

    B.  We are God’s spokesmen in this day! (Ill. Acts 1:8; Matt. 28:20; Mark 16:15; 1 

	Pet. 3:15)

    C.  Our duty before the Lord is to be certain that we do our duty before the Lord.  

	We are to GO and TELL.  We are not guaranteed any results, we are just 

	commanded to do it.  (Ill. Noah in the Ark.  He could rest with the assurance 

	that he had done what God had commanded him to do.  The heart of the 

	Christian gains rest by fulfilling the command of God!)

Conc:  These are the last days!  Look around, anyone can see that we are there.  I am 

thankful that I ma saved, for I will never have to face tribulation, judgment, or hell.  

But, there is a lost world all around that needs to be told about salvation through 

Jesus Christ.  I ask you tonight, in light of the fact that these are the last days, are you 

doing all that the Master has commanded you to do?  

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