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Matt. 26:36-46                THE SUFFERINGS OF JESUS

Intro:  There are three words given in the New testament in connection with the sufferings 

and death of Jesus that we would do well to remember.  They are: Gethsemane, Gabbatha, 

and Golgotha.  These words are all the names of places where Jesus suffered.  By looking at 

each of these, we can get arrive at a better understanding of what Jesus suffered on our 

behalf. Because in each of these places, Jesus suffered at different hands.  I want to look at 

these places tonight and try to understand a little better what Jesus suffered for you and for me.  

Notice with me:


    A.  Jesus felt the full impact of Satan's attack in Gethsemane - (Ill. Lk. 4:13)  

          No doubt, Satan attempted to murder the Savior in the garden to prevent His 

          blood from being shed on the cross.  Satan may have tempted the Lord to back 

          away from the cross, but Jesus was totally submissive to His Father's will, 

          (v.39).  (Ill. The content of the cup - Not suffering, not death, my sin!)

       1.  Mark 14:33 - "Sore Amazed" - Suddenly struck with auprised terror.

       2.  Mt. 26:37 - "Very Heavy" - He was weighed down with a feeling of 

             uncertainty and acute distress

       3.  Mt. 26:38 - "Exceeding sorrowful unto death" - He was surrounded by 

            grief to the degree that it threatened His very life!

       4.  Through all of this, Jesus was victorious! (Ill. The Father helped Him - 

            Luke 22:43; Heb. 5:7**)

       5.  He is qualified to help you in your times of temptation - Heb. 4:15!

    B.  Jesus felt the full impact of sin's curse in Gethsemane

	1.  Sin brought a curse upon the earth and upon mankind, Gen. 3:17-24

	2.  In Gethsemane, Jesus lay upon cursed ground and in sweat and sorrow 

              won the victory over sin and it's curse!  (Ill. Drops of blood - Luke 22:44)

        3.  Ill. Gethsemane means - "Oil press"  In that garden, Jesus was pressed 

              by all that hell could place upon Him and still He conquered with you on 

              His mind!


    A.  Gabbatha is associated with the sufferings of Jesus at the hands of sinful 

          man - Matt. 26:45.

    B.  Jesus was "Despised and rejected of men" Isa. 53:3  Notice what He suffered 

         for you!

 	 1.  Betrayed by Judas and deserted by the disciples - Matt. 26:47-56

         2.  Beaten by the Temple guards - Luke 22:63-64

         3.  Rejected by the very people He came to save - Matt. 27:17-25; John 1:11

         4.  Scourged - Matt. 27:26  (Ill. Furrows - Psa. 129:3)

         5.  Mocked by the soldiers and crowned with thorns - Matt. 27:26-29

         6.  Beard plucked from His face - Isa. 50:6

         7.  He was condemned to die - John 19:13-16

    C.  Jesus endured the pain, the agony, the suffering and the shame all because He 

          loved you!  (Heb. 12:2)



    A.  In these verses, Jesus suffers at the hands of His own Father.

    B.  Since the beginning of time, God had never fully visited sin with 100% 

          judgment.  Rom. 9:22

    C.  At Calvary, God dealt with the sin issue fully and finally, and He did it in the 

          body of His own darling Son!

         1.  Stripped Naked - Matt. 27:35

         2.  Crucified - Nailed to a cross and hung up to die - Matt. 27:35

         3.  Abandoned, for a time, by His own Father - Matt. 27:46

         4.  Absolutely marred beyond belief - Isa. 50:14 

         5.  At the cross, God judged sin and He did through Jesus - Isa. 53:4, 6, 10-11

              (Ill. Rom. 6:23; Ill. Heb. 2:9**)

    D.  Ill. Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe, sin had left a crimson satin, He washed 

          it white as snow!

Conc:  I praise the Lord for all He suffered for us!  I am grateful that I am loved to that 

degree by such a wonderful Savior!  Because He was willing to suffer and die, you and 

I are free to live!

     1.  Gethsemane was Satan's hour - The hour of Travail

     2.  Gabbatha was the Sinner's hour - The hour of Trial

     3.  Golgotha was the Soveriegn's hour - The hour of Triumph

All three hours were our hours!  He did what He did because of you!  All He asks in return

 is that you love Him and live for Him.  Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

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