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1 Samuel 17:40-51


Intro: Over 150 years ago, Henry Varley said, “The world has yet to see what God can do with and for and through and in a man who is fully and wholly consecrated to Him.” A young man named D.L. Moody heard those words and determined in his heart to be that man! He gave himself fully to the will of God for His life and the Lord used him to shake two continents for Jesus. Moody preached to more than 100 million people during his ministry and many thousands came to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.

     I don’t know about you, but I want to be a person God can use. The Lord is still looking for men, women, boys and girls that He can fill with His Spirit and use to make a difference for Jesus. You an I can be that person that God will take and use for His name’s sake.

     In our passage, we are told about a young man named David. In his meeting with Goliath, there are some definite principles exposed that teach us about the person God uses. Let’s notice these truths this evening. I want to preach for a while on this thought The Kind Of Person God Uses. These verses shed some light on the characteristics they possess. Allow me to share those characteristics with you today.


A. Ordinary People Are Used By God - 1 Sam. 16:6-13 - (Ill. David’s treatment and status within his own family!) (Ill. 1 Cor. 1:27-27 - God uses the unknown and the ordinary because He will receive the most glory!) (Ill. Moses, servant girl and Namaan, 12 Disciples!)

B. Obedient People Are Used By God - 1 Sam. 17:17-22 - The people used by God are willing to do the most mundane of tasks for the glory of God - Psa. 84:10; Ill. 2 disciples sent after the colt - Matt. 21:1-7. (Note: David was on a mission that could have been handled by the least of Jesse’s servants, but David willingly did the job because he was commanded to do so. Of course, being there when he was afforded him an opportunity to serve the Lord is a greater way than he ever imagined! Don’t look down at the tasks the Lord assigns you, the least of them may reap the greatest glory to God!)


A. He Uses People Who Are Related To Him - David’s words, v. 26,29, 37, 45-57, reveal that David has a personal relationship with God. All one has to do is read the Psalms to see that David had a heart for God, Psa. 23:1-6; Psa. 27:4. (Ill. Acts 13:22)

B. He Uses People Who Are Relying On Him - 1 Sam. 17:37-47 - David voiced his faith and confidence in the Lord. David was not looking to man made weapons and resources, but he stuck to what had always worked in his life: faith in God! (Note: Any battles that are won in our lives will be won by God! If we are ever used in this life, it will be because we a leaning upon Him and His resources for our strength and provision!)


A. They Are Committed In Spite Of The Obstacles - 1 Sam. 17:4-11, 32 - David was determined to honor the Lord despite the size and power of Goliath. His eyes were not on the problem, but on the Problem-solver!

B. They Are Committed In Spite Of The Opposition - 1 Sam. 17:27-32 - Some said that David couldn’t do it. Others questioned his motives, but David was determined to defeat Goliath despite those who stood against him. (Note: Those who go with God are going to face opposition - 2 Tim. 3:12)

C. They Are Committed In Spite Of The Opportunities - 1 Sam. 17:17-26 - David had the chance to walk away, but David had his priorities in order. To him, the main thing was the glory of God! He had made up His mind that God would come first, no matter what! (Note: That should be the desire of every child of God - 1 Cor. 10:31.)


A. They Are Willing To Accept The Risks - 1 Sam. 17:38-51 - David was willing to put his life on the line for the glory of God. If the Lord hadn’t come through for him, David would have died! (Note: This was the same heart that motivated Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and Daniel!)

B. They Are Willing To Accept The Ridicule - 1 Sam. 17:28, 32-37 - David was willing to listen to the taunts of his opponents and the jibes of his critics. To him, the rewards that came for obedience to the Lord outweighed any personal humiliation he might suffer because of others. (Ill. Even Jesus suffered ridicule - John 7:3-6)

C. They Are Willing To Accept The Results - 1 Sam. 17:49-51 - David walked out on that battlefield confident that he would win. He knew that he was the next king of Israel and that it was not his day to die. (Note: You and I do not always have that same degree of assurance. There are times when you will enter a fight and come up short, but keep this truth in mind: While you may not always win in the battles of faith, if your faith is in the Lord above, you can never lose! What looks like a defeat in our eyes, may just be a victory in the eyes of the Lord!)

Conc: Do you want to be the kind of person God uses? I do! Regardless of what it costs in time, energy or reputation, it will be worth it to be used of the Lord. As you have listened to these characteristics exposed and explained, it may that you have identified certain areas of your life that need correction. If so, please come before the Lord and talk to Him about your needs. He will take your life and use you for His glory if you will get honest with Him. If you do not have a relationship with Jesus, then you come to Him tonight and I will take the world of God and show you how you can be saved. Wherever you may be right now, you can become a person God uses for His glory. Let’s determine to pay the price this evening to be that person for the glory of God!

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