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Isaiah 9:6


Intro: As we enter the Christmas season, God’s children, along with many lost people, are thinking about the birth of Jesus Christ. We sing the songs of Christmas and retell the story of His coming into the world. We read the passages from the Bible that speak of His birth, perform Christmas plays to commemorate His birth and give gifts to one another to remind ourselves of the greatest gift God ever gave to humanity. This is a wonderful time to honor the day when God became flesh and walked among men.

     I want to continue the tradition this evening by looking into one of my favorite verses associated with the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a favorite because it presents Jesus in His fulness, and this is something that few verses in the Bible can do. This verse presents Jesus coming, dying and coming again. This verse reveals much of the activity of Jesus in the lives of His people. This verse only contains 39 words, but those 39 words contain a portrait of the life of Christ in miniature! While there may only be 39 words in this verse, the world itself could not contain the volumes that would need to be written to exhaust its content.

     Today, I would like for us to look into this verse. I want to discover why Heaven calls Jesus Wonderful. If He stands out as a wonder in a land of wonders, then there must be a reason why. Let’s examine the evidence in Isaiah 9:6. I want to take this verse and preach for a while on this thought: No Wonder They Call Him Wonderful. Let me show you three areas where this verses says Jesus is Wonderful.


     (Ill. “A child is born” brings to mind His humanity.)

A. Jesus may have been born, but He was no ordinary baby! He was flesh, but at the same time, He was God, John 1:1, 14!

     B. In fact His birth was anything but ordinary!

           1. In Its Announcement - Luke 1:26-33

           2. In Its Accomplishment - Isa. 7:14; Luke 1:32

           3. In Its Accompaniment - Luke 2:1-20

C. Although Jesus was (is) God in the flesh, He was also a helpless baby, Phil. 2:5-8. (Ill. The wonder of the Creator placing His very welfare in the hands of the creature.) (Ill. The wonder of the Creator being dependant on the creature for His food and nourishment!) No wonder they call Him Wonderful!


(Ill. “Son is given” calls to mind His Deity and His Death. It brings to mind John 3:16.)

A. Even though Jesus was the “Son of Man”, He was also the “Son of God”. He was more than just a man, he was the God-man! This verse reminds us that Jesus was the Son of God! (Ill. By the way, believing that is essential to being saved, John 20:31.)

B. But, the little phrase “is given”, which literally means “to be delivered up”, reminds us that this God-man came into the world for a singular purpose. He came into this world to deliver Himself up as the ransom for sin on the cross of Calvary, Mark 10:45; John 18:37; John 15:13; John 10:11; 18; 15. (Ill. ***Phil 2:8***)

C. When we think of the price He paid to save our souls, (Ill. Isa. 52:14; Psalm 129:3; Isa. 50:60), the spitting, the beating, the nailing, the rejecting, the hating, the abusing, etc, what other word is there to describe Him but “Wonderful”? When you read Matthew 27:26-50 and read of the horrors of the day He died, what else can you say about Him but that He is wonderful! No wonder they call Him Wonderful!


A. The Honor Of His Position - We are told that “the government shall be upon His shoulder”. This phrase encompasses two great truths.

               First, this “son that was given”, Who died on the cross, would rise again! And, that’s just what He did, Matt. 28:1-6.

               Second, this phrase takes us many years into the future when this risen One comes again to this earth to reign in glory upon the earth!

               The second advent of Jesus is in view here. He is returning to this world, not as “the Lamb of God”, but as “the Lion of the tribe of Judah”. He is returning, not to die but to reign; not to suffer, but to put down evil and to rule the world!

               The first time, He came as a Savior to die, the next time, He will come as a King to conquer, Rev. 19:11-16. (Ill. How the world treats Him today. One day, they will all bow at His feet, Rom. 14:12; Phil. 2:9-11. Even those men who said, “We have no kind but Caesar”, John 19:15, will bow before Him in His honor and exaltation in that day!

               May we never forget Who He is! He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! Has He been enthroned as Lord and King in your life?

B. The Honor Of His Person - Notice that Jesus is given several names in this verse, but that the verse calls them by the singular noun “name”. Why is this? I think it is because He is all these things at the same time! In His name, we find out more about Who He is!

1. He Is Wonderful - This word means Supernatural, Secret and Extraordinary, Ill. Judges 13:18. This name points out the truth that there is nothing common about Jesus, He is the Miracle man! He is so far beyond our level of comprehension that we can never figure Him out, yet He can be known by a little child! He is Wonderful!

2. He Is Counselor - This word mans “to advise, counsel, purpose, devise and plan.” It refers to His role as the leader and guiding force of our lives. He is wonderfully qualified for this job.

                 A. He had the age and experience - Dan. 7:9; Heb. 4:15

                 B. He has the knowledge - Acts 1:24; 1 John 3:20

                 C. He has the education - Isa. 40:13-14

                 D. His price is right - Isa. 55:1

                 E. He is always available - Matt. 28:20; Heb. 13:5

F. He always gives perfect advice - Hos. 14:9; Psa. 19:7-8; John 16:13.

                 G. His motives are always pure - 1 Pet. 5:7

3. He is the Mighty God - This word means “Hero! It refers to one Who is strong, mighty and invincible.” He alone is worthy to be our Hero for He has defeated all our enemies.

A. Death - 1 Cor. 15:55 (Ill. He is the first fruits from the dead - 1 Cor. 15:20.)

B. Sin - Rom. 6:14; He brought salvation to all men - Heb. 7:25; Rom. 10:13.

                 C. The Grave - Matt. 28:1-6

                 D. Eternity - John 10:28

4. Everlasting Father - (Ill. He is “everlasting”! There has never been a time when He was not and there will never be a time when He will not be! He is the great “I AM”! By the way, if you are saved, your life is tied to His and you will live only as long as He does!) This verse also says that He is our “Father”. This word means “Producer or generator.” In other words, He is our source! He brought us into being and He sustains our lives by His power. He fulfills His role as our Father by:

                 A. Loving us - Jer. 31:3; Rom. 8:38-39

                 B. Supporting us - Psalm 18:35; Deut 33:27

                 C. Sustaining us - 2 Tim. 1:12

                 D. Comforting us - John 14:16-18

                 E. Providing for us - Luke 12:32; Matt. 6:25-33; Phil. 4:19

5. He is the Prince of Peace - This phrase refers to the fact that He will rule His kingdom in peace. How can He do this? He is the creator and provider of peace. And, those who know Him know all about peace, John 14:27; John 16:33a; Phil. 4:7. He provides peace with:

                 A. God - Eph. 2:16 - Reconciled!

                 B. Self - Phil. 4:7; John 14:27

                 C. Others - Rom. 12:10; 18

C. When all of this is taken together and considered I just have to say: “No wonder they call Him Wonderful!


Conc: In John chapter 4 we are told of a woman who met Jesus at a well one day. She went away from that well, ran into the city and she invited the men of that place, to “Come see a man.” All of her life she had been looking for Mr. Wonderful and she had finally found Him! Well, He is wonderful and here’s why:

         He is a Physician Who never loses a case.

         He is a Captain Who never loses battle.

         He is a Teacher Who perfectly teaches every student.

         He is a Preacher Who always preaches the right message.

         He is a Musician Who always plays the right note.

         He is an Artist Who never misses a stroke.

         He is a Savior Who completely saves all who come to Him.

         He is a Master Who always leads in the right direction.

         He is a Friend Who sticks closer than a brother.

         He is a Counselor Who always give the right advice.

     If You know Jesus as your personal Savior, then you know why they call Him Wonderful! Maybe you would just like to come before Him today, reaffirm your commitment to Him and express you thanks and gratitude to Him for His blessings in y our life. If you don’t know Him and have spent your life looking for Mr. Wonderful, then look no farther, for you have come face to face with Him right here! If you will com to Him, you can be saved and you will know why they call Him wonderful!

     Well, it’s no wonder they call Him Wonderful! You know why, no do you have business with Him?

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