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Job 42:1-17                                        I WANT MORE!

Intro: Do you ever just want more? We live in a society that thrives on more. People everywhere are after more money, more stuff and more power. From the billionaire who wants more money, to the politician who wants more power, to the child who wants more mashed potatoes; everybody just wants more! While the people who live in this world all want more of this world’s stuff, there seem to be very few people who are after more in the spiritual realm.

        In verse 12 of our text we are told that “the LORD blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning”. I am interested in that word “more”. Webster defines “more” as being “in greater quantity, amount, measure, degree, or number.” In other words, the Lord worked in Job’s life to give him “more” at the end of his life than he had at the beginning of his life.

        I want the “more” that God can give me! I am not interested in the “more” of money, power, recognition, etc. I am interested in the “more” of the spiritual realm. (Ill. On the little end of something real big!)I want to tell you that I Want More! I want more of everything God has to give me. I want to take a fresh look at the life of Job today. His experiences have something to say to us about this matter of getting “more”. I would like to share the facts of getting “more” as they are revealed in the book of Job. I want to preach on the subject I Want More. Let’s talk about how to have more!


  I.                                           THE PATHWAY OF MORE

(Ill. Those who get “more” walk a special path. God doesn’t just give His “more” to everyone. He gives His “more” to those who walk with Him.)

A.  1:1, 8; 5  It Is A Path Of Holiness – Only those who live clean lives qualify for the “more” (Ill. 2 Cor. 6:14-18; James 4:8; Amos 3:3)

B.  42:1-4  It Is A Path Of Honesty – Those who want “more” keep short accounts with the Lord! (Ill. David had “more” because he was honest about his sins, Psa. 51:17.) God doesn’t want us to hide behind a mask of hypocrisy. He wants us to be honest about our condition, Pro. 28:13; 1 John 1:9. (Ill. Isa. 57:15)

C.  1:20-22; 42:5-6  It Is A Path Of Humility – (Ill. Job humbled himself before the Plan of God and the Person of God. It was a plan he could not understand and it was a Person he could not comprehend. He yielded to the Lord anyway! He got under God!) Those who get “more” are those who humble themselves and yield to God and what He is doing. (Ill. You can see this truth worked out all the way through the Bible – Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Widow of Zaraphath, Simon Peter, Luke 5; the Disciples, John 21; Three Hebrews; Daniel; Noah; etc. They all got “more” because the humbled themselves before God and His perfect plan!)

(Ill. This path is not easy; but it is the only path that leads to “more”; and I want more!)


 II.                                               THE PRICE OF MORE

(Ill. More isn’t cheap! The price involves the loss of all you value. Obtaining the “more” requires living with “less”! )

A.  The Price is Less Stuff – (Ill. Job lost everything he valued in life! – Finances, Family, Fitness, Friends) Most of us are in the business of increasing our stuff. We fail to understand, however, that our stuff can come between us and getting “more”. Sometimes more stuff equals less of God’s “more”. Jesus cautioned us against seeking the “more” of this world and He challenged us to seek the “more” of that world, Matt. 6:19-21. Ill. 2 Cor. 4:17-18 – The “more” of this life is temporal. (Ill. Oprah - $260 million) The “more” God gives is eternal. Sometimes we will have to lose our “more” so that we can obtain His “more”. (Ill. Paradox – Less will equal more!)

B.  The Price Is Less Self– (Ill. Job was humbled and humiliated! Ill. Job 2:7; 1:3; 2:8-13) Often the biggest obstacle between us and “more” is us! Job got “more” when Job became “less”, Job 42:6. Before Job got more he had to settle for less! Let’s be honest, self doesn’t want “more” if self has to become “less”. Self wants to be “more”. (Ill. Self like the glory, recognition and praise) The secret to getting God’s “more” is making self “less”. (Ill. John the Baptist – He was willing to be “less” so Jesus could be “more”, John 3:30. But, by becoming “less” John got “more”, Matt. 11:11.) The way you and I become “less” is by being sure He becomes “more”, 1 Cor. 10:31. (Ill. Getting “more” isn’t cheap! It may cost you everything you value in life. Still, getting God’s “more” is worth living with “less”.)


III.                                           THE PRIVILEGES OF MORE

A.  v. 8-10  The More Of God’s Power – (Ill. Context) Those who get “more” have power with God. They are in a place of intimacy with God and He responds to their requests. (Ill. Elijah, 1 Kings 17:1; James 5:17-18) (Ill. Percy Ray; John R. Rice; etc.) I want “more” of that!

B.  v. 11  The More Of God’s Provision – Those who have “more” don’t seem to fret over the needs of this life. They trust God to give them what they need, according to His promises, Phil 4:19; Matt. 6:25-34. (Ill. God will move Heaven and earth to meet your need – Ill. Elijah and his ravens, 1 Kings 17:3-6; Ill. Hungry widow and son.)

C.  v. 11-13; 16-17  The More Of God’s Providence – Catalog the latter blessings of Job. Those who get “more” soon discover that God has a way of bringing His “more” out of our “less”. (Ill. God blessed everything Job had for years!) He does the same in our lives! (Ill. West Side Baptist Church; Beatrice, NE – 3-1-1950 – Wednesday – 18 people saved!) (Ill. Rom. 8:28; 2 Cor. 4:17) (Ill. Life is all about John 13:7!)

D.  v. 14-15  The More Of God’s Praises – Out of the darkness of Job’s life God displayed the light of His glory. He gave Job some reasons for praise on the heels of heartbreak. (Ill Job’s household, quiet and sad; and the birth of new babies.)

1.  Jemima – Day or Dove – God had turned darkness to light. God had brought peace out of turmoil.

2.  Kezia – Fragrance – God had replaced the stench of loss with the fragrance of victory.

3.  Kerenhappuch – Box of Eye Paint; Cosmetics – Used to refer to “glory and brightness” – Same word used of Moses in Ex. 32. God had replaced Job’s pain with God’s glory.

- Those who get “more” will find that they always have a reason to praise the Lord, even when the bottom falls out of life! (Ill. Job 1:20-21) (Ill. “The Church Of Providence” in Swana Corner, NC)


Conc: I want “more”! I want the “more” God has to offer! I want the “privileges” of “more” that are available to those who will walk the “pathway” and pay the “price”. Do you want “more”? Come get it! There’s plenty of “more” to go around!

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