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Joshua 2:1-15


Intro: Ill. The Context. When the spies arrived in Jericho, they entered into what everyone thought was a harlot's house. After all, no one would be suspicious of men entering a house of ill repute. However, when they entered Rahab's house, they found a woman who had already been touched by the Spirit and power of God. Her name was still Rahab, but Rahab was in rehab! God was in the process of rehabilitating this woman’s entire life.

In Rahab, I see the power of God to transform the lives of those who come to know Him. Just as the Lord changed this woman, He is able to rehabilitate any life that is brought to Him. Regardless of how wicked, how broken, how lost or how wretched it may be.

Let's take some time to look into these verses and join Rahab in Rehab. I want to share some facts about this woman's life that are made clear by this text. I want to show you what the Lord has done for you if you are saved; and what He can do for you if you are not saved.


(Ill. Rahab in her past life is a picture of those individuals who have never been saved. Notice how this is true.)

A. v. 1 She Was Defiled Ill. A Harlot, living in a lost, pagan city. (Ill. Eph. 2:3; Rom. 3:10-23 (Ill. 4 Roman Nones); Gal. 3:22. The lost person is in a helpless and hopeless condition, Eph. 2:12. Their sinful condition renders them unclean and unable to have fellowship with God, Isa. 59:2.

B. v. 1 She Was Dead Rahab was living her life, but spiritually, she was devoid of life. She was dead in her sins. (Ill. This is the condition of every person outside of a relationship with the Lord Jesus today, Eph. 2:1; 4:18; 1 John 3:14.) (Ill. This is a spiritual death, not a physical death and spiritual death always ends in the Second Death, Rom. 6:23; Rev. 20:11-15.)

C. v. 1 She Was Doomed As a resident of Jericho, Rahab had a death sentence hanging over here head. She had already been judged by the Lord and she didn't even know it! (Ill. The same things is true concerning every person who does not know Jesus Christ. Ill. John 3:18; 36. Ill. Sentence has been passed and the judgment has been set, Psa. 9:17; 2 Thes. 1:8-9.)


(Note: In spite of her lifestyle; in spite of her pagan background; in spite of her lost condition; God had given her forty years worth of grace and warnings. How much time has He given you? You that are saved; how many times did the Lord call before you responded in faith? What a gracious God we serve!

If you are lost, you should be very careful about presuming upon the grace of God. The Bible makes it crystal clear that there is a limit to patience in calling the lost to come to Him for salvation - Gen. 6:3; John 6:44; Isa. 55:6; Pro. 27:1; Pro. 29:1. It is a dangerous thing to delay coming to the Lord! If you have been holding off and waiting for something, wait no more! Come to Jesus while He is calling you!

Ill. You may have time and you may not.

Ill. Lady born in 1825, saved in 1925[1].

Ill. Young man who died while cutting down trees[2].)



(Ill. By the time the spies arrived in Jericho, Rahab had already been visited by the Lord. Before they have a chance to tell her who they are, she tells them what she knows about them and about their God. Turns out, she knew a lot already. Rahab had probably already repented of her sins and looked to God for salvation before the spies arrived at her door, Heb. 11:31; James 2:25. The mentions of “flax drying on the room, v. 6, may indicate that she had already changed her profession. Flax was used in the production of linen cloth.)

A. v. 9-11 What She Confessed She confessed that she knew some things about the Lord. And, that she had heard some things about Him too. She called Him by His covenant Name: LORD. She confessed her faith in the truth of what she had heard.

Rahab confessed what she had seen and heard about the Lord. Then, she confessed the fact that Jehovah is the only God. She confessed her need of a relationship with Him. She confesses the fact that she is lacking what the spies enjoy: a relationship with the God of the Heaven and the earth.

B. v. 12-13 What She Claimed Rahab claimed salvation from the coming judgment on the basis of simple faith. She took what she heard and what she knew to be true as an invitation to believe in the God of the Israelites. She turned from the gods of Jericho to embrace the God of glory by faith!


(Note: Rahab's confession is a picture of how salvation comes to a lost person. The lost person hears the message and the Spirit of God touch the heart, Rom. 10:17; John 16:7-11. The lost person sees the need and claims the invitation of the Spirit of God to come to Jesus by faith, John 6:47; Acts 16:31; Eph. 2:8-9. It sounds too simple and too good to be true doesn't it? That's how salvation comes to everyone who receives it. Ill. How people try to get it. There is only one way and that way is to come to Jesus.)



A. Proven By Her New Labors (1:2-24) - Rahab proved that she was a new creature by hiding the spies and by helping them to escape. By doing these things, she was working for the Lord and not against Him! (Ill. The saved person demonstrates a saved life by the works they do, Eph. 2:10; James 2:18. Ill. The difference between the works of the flesh and the fruit of the Spirit, Gal. 5:19-24.) (Ill. Which best describes the life you live?)

B. Proven By Her New Love (1:12-13; 6:22-25) - When Rahab came to know the Lord, she wanted everyone else to know Him too. She became active in trying to bring others under the same umbrella of protection she no enjoyed. (Ill. When you know Him, you will want to see others come to know Him too! You will pray for them; tell them; love them; and warn them. You won't be satisfied to see them live and die without Jesus. Ill. Andrew – John 1:40-42) (Ill. Gaderene Demoniac – Mark 5:1-20)

C. Proven By Her New Life When Rahab came under the umbrella of the nation of Israel, everything in her life was transformed. The same day the walls of Jericho fell down, she received a brand new life. Rahab is once again a picture of the person who has come to Jesus by faith.

(Ill. When a person is saved by the grace of God, everything changes for them forever, 2 Cor. 5:17; John 3:3; John 10:10. Ill. Some of the changes – Descriptions; Desires; Devotions; Delights; Destinations!)

(Ill. The conversion of “Awful” Gardner)

1. New Realities - (6:20-25) – She was spared from judgment and death. Ill. Context v. 18 – The Scarlet cord made the difference. (Ill. It is the blood of Jesus that sets the sinner free from the sentence imposed by the wrath of God, Rom. 5:9; 1 Pet. 1:18-19; Rev. 1:5.) (Ill. The blood of the Lamb in Egypt, Ex. 12. The blood alone makes the difference!)

2. New Relatives - (6:25; Ruth 4:21; Matt. 1:5) – Ill. Rahab's new family connections. (Ill. When a sinner is saved, they are removed from Adam's family and adopted into God's family, Rom. 8:15; 1 John 3:1-2. They become His heirs, Rom. 8:17. And, just like Rahab, they are headed to a wedding, Rev. 19:7-9.)

3. New Reputation - (Matt. 1:5) - Rahab was taken from a house of shame and wound up in the hall of fame! (Ill. Rahab’s new future!) (Ill. This is what every one who comes to Jesus receives! He will save you, change you and make something new and special out of your life.


Conc: Has your life ever been rehabbed like Rahab's? If so, thank Him and live for Him. If not, come to Him now and call on Him for salvation. If you were to die right now and stand before the Lord and He looked down at you and you looked up at Him and He said, “Why should I let you into my Heaven? What would you say? Could you say, Father, I should be allowed into Heaven because as a sinner, I placed my faith in Jesus Christ, and in His shed blood and His resurrection from the dead. I have nothing else to claim but faith in Christ.

My friend, if your answer would have to be anything else, then you need to come this morning and trust Jesus as your Savior. You need to be saved, and let me assure you that there is grace in Christ this morning to save your soul! Please do not delay!

(Ill. Nineteenth-century Scottish preacher Horatius Bonar asked 253 Christian friends at what ages they were converted. Here's what he discovered. Under 20 years of age - 138; Between 20 and 30 - 85; Between 30 and 40 - 22; Between 40 and 50 - 4; Between 50 and 60 - 3; Between 60 and 70 - 1; Over 70 - 0.)

Christian friends, maybe your life has been less than God intended. Do you need to come and make some things right with God today? This altar is open for those who need it.


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