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Psa. 116:1-19



Intro: Ill. The Doxology. The word “Doxology is a compound word made up of two words. One means “glory or praise and the other means a word about.” So, a Doxology is “a word of praise.” A Doxology, therefore, can be a hymn, or any other expression of praise to God. We heard some doxologies this morning!

This Psalm could rightfully be called David’s Doxology, because in it, he offers up praise to our great God. As I read this Psalm, I realize that what David said way back then has tremendous application to you and me now. We have much to praise God for and we are very far behind in giving Him that praise. Let’s look together at this Doxology and learn how we too might offer up our praise to our wonderful Lord and God. I want to preach for a few minutes



A. This statement, "I love the LORD!", is a chorus of joy. For a redeemed sinner to be able to make that declaration is a blessed thing.

B. What a precious thing to love God! Man may not return our love, but God loved us first, 1 John 4:19, and He loves us forever, Jer. 31:3; Rom. 8:35-39.

C. Do you love the Lord tonight? Isn't it great to be able to?



A. v.1b-2 God Has Listened To The Worshiper - Ill. The blessing of heard and answered prayer. (Ill. The sinner's prayer and every one there after!) (Ill. Jer. 33:3; Psa. 40:1)

B. v.3-7 God Has Lifted The Believer - Every person goes through times of depression and distress, Job 14:1; Job 5:7. God specializes in lifting the fallen and strengthening the weak - (Ill. Paul. 2 Cor. 12:7-10). Think about the times He has lifted you!

C. v.8 God Has Liberated The Believer - (Notice what God has done for the believer!)

1. He Has Been Liberated From His Sentence - Salvation and eternal life! Saved from Hell and the power of sin!

2. He Has Been Liberated From His Sorrow - Replaced his sorrow with joy - 1 Pet. 1:8; (Ill. Rev. 21:4) Trials will come, but they will be attended with His help!

3. He Has Been Liberated From Stumbling - Given a firm foundation upon which to stand - Psa. 40:1-2. (Ill. 1 Cor. 10:13)

4. It is good to be free in Jesus tonight - John 8:36. We are liberated - Ill. Lazarus - John 11:44!


(Ill. Verse 12 poses a good question! How could we ever begin to repay Him for all He has given to us?)

A. v.9 The I Will Of Practice - The Psalmist promises to live right. (Phil. 1:27). Ill. verse 16! (Ill. There is no greater expression of worship than a holy life.)

B. v.13a The I Will Of Persuasion - (Ill. Persuaded to believe!) The Psalmist promises to believe right. (Ill. This requires study - 2 Tim. 1:15) (Ill. Cup metaphor - Jesus had a cup, Matt. 26:42-46, so do we. Ill. Cup of wrath - Psa. 75:8)

C. v.13b The I Will Of Prayer - The Psalmist promises to pray right! (1 Thes. 5:17; Luke 18:1)

D. v.14 The I Will Of Performance - (Ill. v.16) The Psalmist promises to carry out his promises before the Lord. Good intentions will not suffice, we need to follow through! (Ill. Old lady and her aim!) (Ill. Now!”)

E. v.17 The I Will Of Praise - The Psalmist promises to praise God! We need to be more active in this area - Psa. 47:1; Psa. 135:1-3; Heb. 13:15. (“A drop of praise is an unsuitable acknowledgment for an ocean of mercy.”—Rev. William Secker) (Note: Praise is not the quoting of The Doxology! It is a spontaneous response of love from the heart of a worshiper!)

1. V. 15 Because of His Promises

2. V. 16 Because of Our Privileges

3. V. 17 Because of His Power


Conc: Do the words of the Psalmist strike a cord in your heart? Does he express the way you feel about the Lord and what He has done in your life? If so, then the best response we can make to Him is to come before Him, renew our commitment to Him, express our love to Him from our hearts and lift our praise unto the One Who has redeemed us from the awful grip of sin.

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