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Psalm 107:1-8


Intro: Psalm 107 is a call to the Lord’s people to praise Him for His grace and power in their lives. The redeemed are called on to “give thanks”. This phrase has the idea of “extending the hands in praise and glory.” We are to praise Him because He is “good”. This word refers to that which is “beautiful, best, fine, kind, lovely and sweet.” That’s Him! We are to praise Him for His “mercy”. As you read this Psalm, it becomes clear that God was behind all the disruptions they encountered in life. While He might have been behind the pain, He did not forsake them to their problems. He worked in them to bring them to a place of restoration and blessing!

        This Psalm was probably written after Israel had been delivered from their bondage in Assyria and Babylon. They are reminded of what the Lord allowed them to suffer because of their sins and of how the Lord delivered them when they called on Him by faith. They are reminded of the consequences of their sins and they are reminded of the grace God showed them in forgiving their sins and restoring them. They are called on to praise the Lord for His mercy and grace in their lives. They are also reminded that God is ever faithful to hear and restore those who call on Him!

        There is a word here for us today. The saints of God are reminded of where the Lord found us and of how He delivered us from our terrible condition. Because He has moved in power, the redeemed are challenged to praise the Lord, v. 2-3.

        By the way, the very fact that we have been “redeemed” is enough of a reason for the saints to praise Him! The very word “redeem” suggests the payment of a price. God redeemed us by sending His Son to die for us that we might be saved from our sins. I am saved today and headed to Heaven because the Lord Jesus Christ took my place on the cross, suffered my Hell and endured the awful wrath of God that was intended for me. That’s enough to praise Him for all eternity! He gives us even more reasons in these verses!

        I want you to notice with me four divisions in this Psalm. They tell us of where God found us when He saved us. They also remind us that He still possesses all the power necessary to deliver us for what we face as His children in this life.

        Even a brief glance at these verses reveals the truth that the Lord has delivered us out of terrible circumstances in the past. May we never forget that our God has never changed, James 1:17; Mal. 3:6; Heb. 13:8. The God Who delivered us in the past is the same God Who walks with us today!

        While these verses tell us where we came from, they also point out what the Lord can do with the trials we face in this life. If this message finds you in any of these places, just let this Psalm remind you that God is still on His throne! I want to preach about The God Who Saves.

        This Psalm will teach us that He doesn’t just save His people from their sins; He also saves them day by day!


 I.  v. 4-9  HE SAVES THOSE WHO            

               ARE LOST IN THE DESERTS

A.  v. 4-5  Their Problem - (No road, no company, no rest, no supplies and no hope. These people are in a desperate condition.) (Ill. Wanderers – The word means “to stagger.” They were alone, weak and nearly gone.) (Ill. We were all there when we were lost, some  of God’s children are there today!)

B.  v. 6  Their Prayer - They called on the name of the Lord; the only place where help can be found! Prayer is our opportunity to speak into the ear of God and see Him work in our lives, Jer. 33:3; Isa. 65:24; Phil. 4:6-7!

C.  v. 6-7  Their Provision - (Deliverance, Leadership, a new city!) (Ill. He put us on a new road that leads to a new destination, Psa. 40:1-3. Remember, we aren’t home yet! There will be some hard places along the way, but we are headed to a city, Rev. 21:4!) (Ill. Old missionary returning from years in Africa.)

D.  v. 8-9  Their Praise – The saints are challenged to praise the Lord for His worthiness, His goodness, His perfect satisfaction. The saints of God should praise the Lord because we were wandering, alone and nearly dead in a desert place, until He came to us, saved us and led us out! He is our Guide!


  I.  Those Lost In The Desert


 II.  v. 10-16  HE SAVES THOSE


A.  v. 10-12  Their Problem - (Locked in darkness, imminent death, bound and afflicted, helpless and alone. All of this was brought on by their own sins, v. 11.) (Ill. Prisoners!) (Ill. Some are trapped in a prison today! Prisons of fear, worry, loneliness, besetting sins, jealousy, unforgiveness, the past, hurts, heartaches, hatred, etc are just a real as prisons of iron and steel.)

B.  v. 13  Their Prayer - They did the right thing and called on the name of the Lord! (Ill. The redeemed to not have to walk in bondage. We have a resource. We can take our burden to the Lord!)

C.  v. 13-14  Their Provision - Delivered from bondage, death and darkness. Set free from their dungeon by the power of Almighty God! He is able to deliver you from whatever it is that may have you bound! (Ill. This is the promise of the Lord Jesus Christ, Luke 4:18.)

D.  v. 15-16  Their Praise - They praise His worthy Name for breaking their bonds and releasing them from their bondage! You might be bound today, but the Lord can open your prison and set you free today. (Ill. Peter - Acts 12)

                (Ill. If saved, we have already been set free and have a reason to praise the Lord!) (Ill. How many times has He set you free from various trials since you have known Him?)

                The saints of God should praise the Lord because we were trapped in a terrible dungeon, chained in our sins and awaiting or execution. The Lord came to where we were and loosed out bonds, delivered us from our prison and set us free! He is our Deliverer!


  I.  Those Lost In The Desert

 II.  Those Locked In The Dungeon



                          ON THE DEATHBED

A.  v. 17-18  Their Problem - Because they have disregarded the Word of God, they are afflicted and near death. These are people who at the bottom of the heap. They are sick in soul. (Ill. Many are suffering soul sickness today!)

B.  v. 19  Their Prayer - They seek the face of the Lord for deliverance from their situation! (Ill. The prayer that needs to be prayed is the one mentioned in 1 John 1:9. It is the prayer of confession and repentance!)

C.  v. 19-20  Their Provision - The Lord heard their prayer and sent the very thing they had hated to heal them! He delivered them from their affliction through the power of His Word! (Ill. The Bible is God’s Medicine Chest!)

D.  v. 21-22  Their Praise - These restored people offer up the sacrifice of praise to the glory of the Lord. They are, in fact, paying their fee to the Great Physician, “By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.”, Heb. 13:15. The saints of God should praise the Lord because we were afflicted with a deadly disease from which we could never recover. He came to where we were and administered the right prescription and healed us! He is our Physician!


  I.  Those Lost In The Desert

 II.  Those Locked In The Dungeon

III.  Those Lying On The Deathbed


IV. V. 23-32    HE SAVES THOSE

                   LABORING IN THE DEEP

A.  v. 22-27  Their Problem - They are tossed about, suffer highs and lows, are weary, are dispirited, helpless, afraid, unsure of their next step, do not know where to turn. This is a word for those sailors navigating the stormy seas of life. Before Jesus found us, we were floundering at the mercy of the sea. Now that He has saved us, we still find that we are buffeted by the stormy seas.

B.  v. 28  Their Prayer - These too found their help and deliverance in the Person of the Lord!

C.  v. 28-30  Their Provision - He delivered them. He calmed their seas. He brought them joy, success, safety and peace. He brought them out of the storm and into the haven of rest!

                (Ill. The storms of life may rage against you today, but I want to remind you that Jesus Christ is still the Master of the Sea! He can still walk on your water. He can still cry “peace be still” and the waves will be muzzled at His command! Just as He spoke to the waves and calmed them then, He can do the same today! He has not changed!)

D.  v. 31-32  Their Praise - These folks are to praise the Lord is the assembly. They are not to hide in a corner and praise the name of the Lord, but they are to honor Him publically for His great display of power in their lives! Let those who have been delivered from the tempestuous seas of sin, Hell, death and trouble not be ashamed to raise their voices in praise to Him!

                The saints of God should praise the Lord because we were tossed about on the stormy seas of life. Our vessels were doomed to be dashed to pieces upon the rocks of God’s judgment. He came to us, walking upon our storm. He spoke peace to the waves that tossed us about and led us safely into the harbor of His grace. He is a Haven of Rest!


Conc: Wherever this message finds you today, I want you to know that God is still on His throne! He has not changed! His power has not waned. He is still the God Who saves!

        So, if you have a problem today, the solution will be found in doing what all of those we have read about today did. You need to run to Jesus, tell Him about it, and get ready to be delivered!

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