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Pursued By Grace Sermon #5

Ruth 2:4-17


Intro: Ruth is a widow from Moab. In the mind of the average Israelite, she is less than nothing. A person to be despised and rejected. She is just a pagan sinner looking for a little grace. Verses 2-3 tell us that she has gone to hunt for food. This involved her entering fields that belonged to total strangers, falling in line behind that man's servants who were reaping the fields and trying to find a little grain here and there. She was looking for just enough to make a meal for herself and her mother-in-law. Verse 2 tells us that she went out looking "for grace". Verse 3 tells us that she found it! Even though Ruth didn't know it at the time, God was directing her steps to bring her face to face with a man by the name of Boaz. When she went to glean in his field, she entered the field of grace.

Boaz is a clear picture of the Lord Jesus Christ. His actions in his field that day show us how the Lord Jesus acts toward those who are in His field, the church. I want us to consider Ruth and Boaz today as we find them In The Field Of Grace. Notice he picture Boaz paints of Jesus and the lessons he teaches us about our Lord!


A. V. 4-5a He Is Present In His Field - (Heb. 13:5; Matt. 28:20)

1. His Present Is Personal - Rev. 2:1

2. His Presence Is By Proxy - Even though Jesus is in heaven today, His Spirit is ever present with the church - John 14:16-18.

3. His Presence Is Pleasant - (Note: The gracious greeting between Boaz and his servants.) (Note: Jesus never brings strife or trouble, but always the breath of Heaven and the fragrant breezes of glory! - Psa. 16:11.)

B. V. 5b-7 He Is Perceptive Concerning His Field - The heavenly Boaz misses nothing that transpires in His field, Pro. 15:3; Matt. 10:29-31. The Lord's eyes are on His church and He misses nothing that happens. But, He is also interested in the individual!

1. V. 5b His Perception Is Personal - (Note: Ruth caught his eye!) (Note: Jesus loves the individual! You have caught His eye! He cares about you! Jer. 31:3; Rom. 8:38-39)

2. V. 6-7 His Perception Is Powerful - (Note: Boaz knew about her background , her activities and her motives.) (Note: Jesus knows everything there is to know about us, and yet He still loves us and desires to be with us. I find that amazing!) (Note: He calls us saints and we are so sorry. He calls us friends and we are such failures. That is grace, pure and simple!)


(Ill. Boaz has a few works of counsel for Ruth. These commands are designed to encourage her in her work of gleaning. They also speak to us today as well.)

A. V. 8-9a Concerning Ruth's Steadfastness - She is commanded to glean in his fields only. Ruth doesn't know it, but Boaz has plans to take care of her. If she will abide in his field, she will enjoy the best he has to offer. (Note: The same is true for the child of God. If we will abide faithful in His field, He will bless us beyond our wildest dreams. The reason so many miss out on the Lord's best for their lives is that they glean hear and there and never settle down and make the Lord's will their number one priority! We cannot glean here and there and expect God to bless us! God is looking for faithful stewards - 1 Cor. 4:2.)

B. V. 9b Concerning Ruth's Safety - Boaz has commanded the men to leave her alone. Boaz is making sure that no one takes unfair advantage of Ruth. He is telling her not to worry, he has taken care of the details for her. She can trust him to look after her. (Note: What a lesson for the church! We can trust our Lord to take care of us! He is more concerned over our welfare than we are, Rom. 8:28; 2 Cor. 4:17.)

C. V. 9c Concerning Ruth's Supply - Boaz makes sure she knows that he has everything she needs to be satisfied. She didn't even have to work to get any of it! (Note: So it is with the children of the Lord. He has all we need to be satisfied as we walk through this world. If only we would learn to appropriate that which He has already provided! Jesus has and is all we need! He is rest for the weary, Matt. 11:28, Psa. 23:2-3. He is refreshment for the thirsty, John 7:37, Psa. 23:2. He is food for the hungry, John 6:35; Psa. 23:5. He is healing to the injured, Psa. 23:5. He is hope for the discouraged, Psa. 23:5-6. He is shelter for the frightened, Psa. 23:4. He is all you need! Have you discovered that truth yet? It is summed up in Psalm 23:1 - "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.")


A. V. 10 Her Amazement - Ruth finds herself humbled by her grace. (Note: There are times when the thought of what He has done for you and me is overwhelming! Phil. 2:5-11; Isa. 53:1-12. Does grace still amaze you?)

B. V. 11-12 His Announcement - Boaz tells Ruth that he knows about her deeds and he knows about her faith in the Lord. He prays that she will receive a full reward for the service she rendered to Naomi! (Note: Just a word here for the struggling saint! Friend, people may call into question your actions and your motives, but he Lord knows your heart, 1 Sam. 16:7. One day, there will be a full reward given to the faithful child of God, 2 Tim. 4:6-8!)

C. V. 13 Her Appeal - She is still looking for grace and doesn't even realize that she has walked right into the middle of a field full of grace! She just wants to "please him." He has been good to her and she wants to do that which pleases him. (Note: This needs to be the goal of every child of God! Stop trying to live pleasing to every body in the world and just live to please the Lord! Friend, that will make your life real simple, real fast! He is already pleased positionally. We are as righteous as we are ever going to be, 1 Cor. 6:9-11. However, day by day, we need to live our lives in such a way that we please the Lord. How? By loving Him, worshiping Him, by putting Him ahead of everything else in this world.)

D. V. 14 His Acceptance - There are a few things that Boaz did in this verse that prove beyond all doubts that Ruth found favor in his eyes.)

1. He Sat With Her - He invited her to join him at the meal table and sat close enough to her to pass the corn. He didn't care about her past. She had captured his heart. (Note: You past in no barrier between you and the Lord when it has been dealt with in salvation. You are brought into a position of nearness to Him. (Ill. John at the last supper - close enough to feel the breath of the Lord on his head, John 13:25.) He sits with us today!)

2. He Supped With Her - He allowed her to dip her bread in his vinegar. This was an intimate meal! This speaks of close fellowship. (Note: there are times in life when the Lord will "sup" with His children, Rev. 3:20. He desires that we be close to Him so that He might fill our lives with His best!)

3. He Sufficed Her - When Ruth left that table she was satisfied! (Note: There is no need for an child of God to unfulfilled as a believer. The Lord has provided all the resources we need to filled above measure with His goodness and glory. Our duty is to receive what He gives us and to enjoy it to the full! We have already been blessed to the full, Eph. 1:3. There is no excuse for defeat and dissatisfaction in the Christian life.)


(Ill. After Ruth left the table, Boaz continued to work in her absence. He was even working behind her back to take care of her.)

A. A Work Of Providence - He made some decisions behind the scenes that affected her life. He was working for her good, even when she did not know it! (Note: The Lord is always working behind the scenes in your life and mine to bring about His best for us. This is called Sovereignty and Providence. (Ill. Joseph - Gen. 50:20.)

B. A Work Of Provision - Boaz commanded his men to drop "handfuls on purpose." Why? He wanted Ruth to get so much in his field that she would not want to go anywhere else! (Note: That is how the Lord operates on our behalf! He is so good to His children, that no one in their right spiritual mind would ever consider gleaning anywhere else.) (Note: Praise God for His "Handfuls on Purpose", those times when He blesses you just because He can!)

C. A Work Of Plenty - When Ruth left that day, she left carrying a half-bushel of grain. More than enough to feed them for a week. (Note: There are times in life when the Lord will simply load your wagon! He will give you more than you need.)

Conc: Ruth had no worries when she was in the field of grace. No one harassed her, no one hindered her. She rested when she was weary. She ate when she was hungry. She drank when she was thirsty. Every need was met by Boaz. Friend, when you are saved and are gleaning in the field of the Lord's grace, you will find all you need. Are you in that field? Are you gleaning in that field? Would you like to get into that field? If so, there's still plenty to go around in the field of grace owned by our heavenly Boaz. If you need grace, you come to Him. In His presence, you will find all you will ever need!

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