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No claims of absolute originality are made for this material. As one man said, "I milk a lot of cows, but I churn my own butter." Please use these sermons as the Lord leads, but nothing on this site may be used for profit without my expressed, written permission!




Neh. 6:1-4			    JUST STAY ON THE WALL

Intro:  Ill. Notice the context of the book and the many attempts by Nehemiahís 

enemies to stop him from doing the Lordís work.  Nehemiahís dedication and 

service stand as loud witnesses of what a true servant of God is to be about.  Satan, 

and his crowd, are always trying to get the servant of God to come down, but when 

we do, there are certain things that we can expect to lose.  There are some great and 

wonderful things that have to be abandoned when we come down from the place 

God has called us to occupy.  I would like to preach for a while on this thought: Just 

Stay On The Wall.  If we donít here is what we abandon.

  I.  v. 3b			     WE ABANDON THE WORK

    A.  Ill. Nehemiahís call and commission was to a ďgreatĒ work.  (Ill. Any work  

	that is for the Lord is a great work!  (Ill. Davidís attitude - Psa. 84:10)

    B.  Satan will try every trick in his arsenal to get you to come down, but you just 

	stay on the wall - James 4:7; 2 Pet. 3:14)

    C.  Ill. Godís plan and his work are just too great for us to abandon them for the 

	devilís foolishness!  We need to be on the job 24 hours per day!  (Ill. It is hard 

	to quit - John 21:3 - Ill. The Apostles!)


    A.  Ill. It seems to have been Nehemiahís manner of life to give himself 100% to 

	his work.  To come down would have been to step down.  He would have had 

	to turn his back on the right way.

    B.  When we step down from the Lordís work, we are turning away from the path 

	of righteousness and godliness.  Godís call is for us to walk straight - Pro. 

	4:23-27.  Ill. Our duty before the Lord is to faithfully carry out His commands 

	and do His work efficiently, joyfully and faithfully.

    C.  To step down is to compromise, (Ill. Israel and the golden calf!). We must ever 

	hold to that which is right, even if we are standing alone when the dust settles!


    A. Ill. Nehemiah held a place of great authority and respect among the people.  If 

	he had come down, the work would have stopped and may have never been 

	finished.  All Jerusalem was watching his lead.  In Jerusalem, Nehemiah was 

	the leader, the people watched him and emulated what they saw their leader.  

	His witness would have been ruined!  The people would have been convinced 

	that there really was a greater work that the Lordís work!

    B.  We need to realize that we are being watched by a growing body of younger, 

	impressionable believers.  If you step down from the Lordís work, they may 

	stumble - Matt. 18:6. God help us to walk straight before the little ones!

    C.  The people outside Jerusalem were looking also!  One false move and 

	Nehemiahís credibility would have been destroyed.  (Ill. 1 Thes. 5:22 - Our 

	lives ought to be squeaky clean and spotless before a watching world!  Ill. The 

	danger of a spotted testimony - Ill. Preacher and lost father)

    D.  What can we do?  Stay on the wall for Jesus and keep on living for Him - John 



    A.  Ill. Jerusalem was known by all, Jew and heathen alike, as the place where 

	God was worshipped.  Nehemiah loved God and wanted to rebuild the fallen 

	city so that God could be worshipped and the lost could be converted unto 

	Him.  To have come down off the wall would have been equal to forgetting the 

	eternal danger the sinner is in.

    B.  Anytime God is worshipped and proclaimed in truth and sincerity, souls will 

	be saved.  If we come down from our high calling in Him, we have abandoned 

	the lost and given them up to Hell.

    C.  You and I are the only light some people will ever see.  Therefore, we must not 

	be dimmed by the world, but we must shine brightly.  We are the only Bible 

	many will ever read.  Therefore, we must be clear and pure!  (Ill. 1 Cor. 14:7-


Conc:  Our duty is clear.  Refuse to listen to the calls and challenges of the devil, 

stay in the battle for Jesus and donít come down for any reason!  Anything other than 

the prefect center of Godsí will is not the place for you.  (Ill. If Nehemiah had come 

down, he would have been in danger - You will be too!)  Stay on the wall, finish the 

task and God will ultimately bless your life and effort.

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