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Rev. 19:11-21            VE DAY
Ill. VJ day and other great days when wars were ended and peace reigned. There is coming a great day when the entire world will be at peace. A time when men shall "beat their swords into plowshares", Micah 4:3, and a time when the entire world will be at peace. Ill. Mankind's vocabulary will change as the terms related to war are dropped from the everyday speech of men. No more will wives and mothers watch their sons go off to war and receive them back dead in bags. War will be obliterated as Jesus Christ rules the entire world in peace and prosperity. Won't that be a blessing? Let's notice together how these things will come to pass.

(Ill. This is the second time a door has been opened in Heaven, Rev. 4:1)
A. v. 11-13 The Appearance Of Jesus
    1. His Nature
        a. Full of glory - (Ill. V. 12) (Ill. First advent - Isa. 53:2; Matt. 8:20.
        b. Faithful and true - (Ill Modern politics, Jesus will always tell the truth and will do what He says He will.)
        c. Fights in righteousness - (Ill. His cause is just! Ill. Other wars have been fought over foolish things!) (Ill.
            The Lord is a man of war - Ex. 15:3)
    2. His Name
        a. Name Of Mystery - v. 12 - Ill. Men would not know Jesus, except as a by-word. Now they cannot know
            Him even if they desires to.
        b. Name Of Ministry - v. 13 - (Ill. His first and final ministries!) (Ill. His garments are splashed with the
            blood of the enemies of the Lord. What a day it will be when the sky rips asunder and the glorious King rides
            forth in great and awesome victory.) (Ill. The armies of the world!)
        c. Name Of Majesty - v. 16 - (Ill. Name on thigh. The thigh symbolizes power. Ill. Jacob and the angel. The
            angel touched Jacob's thigh and his power to resist was broken - Gen. 32.) Jesus is no more the lowly
            Nazarene, the butt of cruel joking and mockery! He has assumed the title He has always possessed -
            King of Kings and Lord of Lords! (Ill. His garment is a symbol of His position. (Ill. Joseph's coat of many
            colors!)) Jesus is the ultimate ruler!
B. v. 14 The Armies Of Jesus - All the saints of God! Ill. Jude 14-15
C. v. 15 The Armaments Of Jesus - No carnal weapons, just His spoken Word! Ill. His Word is living, Heb. 4:12. It has the       power to heal and give life, and it has the power to destroy and kill - Isa. 11:4 (Ill. John 18:6) (Ill. His brand of headship -       Ruling with a rod of iron!)

A. V. 17 The Fowls Called - God is about to prepare a feast for the fowls of the air - the flesh of His enemies!
B. v. 18 The Flesh Consumed - In life they lived by rank and were separated by rank, but in death they are all made equal!          What a lesson! Death is the great leveler!

A. v. 19 The Armies Are Drawn To Armageddon - All the
     armies of the world, many of whom are enemies today, will join forces to try and defeat the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Their       mission will be to put an end to God, the saints of God and even the mention of the Name of God. Their plans will all fail!
B. v. 20-21 The Armies Are Destroyed At Armageddon
    1. The Dastardly Duo Is Destroyed - Ill. The Anti-Christ and the False Prophet are thrown alive into the Lake of Fire! Ill.
        Hell is waiting with an open mouth to receive these two pretenders! (Ill. Before the eyes of all, their leader is taken
        and cast into Hell! Ill. What a shock!)
     2. The Deceived Multitudes Are Destroyed - The assembled armies of the world are defeated in just a moment by the
        Word of God. Ill. Blood to the horses bridles - Rev. 14:20. Then their flesh is consumes by the fowls of the air! The
        same word that will save the repenting sinner today, will be the means of slaughter in that awful day.

Conc: Today is the day of salvation!



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