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No claims of absolute originality are made for this material. As one man said, "I milk a lot of cows, but I churn my own butter." Please use these sermons as the Lord leads, but nothing on this site may be used for profit without my expressed, written permission!




Rev. 4:2-11                            THE THRONE CHAPTER

Intro:  Things look different from a Heavenly perspective.  Ill. That is true in every 

area of life.  Everyone wants to go to heaven, and tonight we shall.  Here we see a 

scene that will take us into Heaven itself and will allow us to look into the things that 

are going on there.  John was caught up into Heaven in verse 1, letís join him there 

and learn of our future home.  Here we see a scene that defies description.  The 

symbolism here is beyond us common mortals.  When Jesus describes a vine, we can 

relate to that.  When He talks of Bread, we can grasp that.  Water, wind and other 

things He talked of are easily understood.  But, here we are confronted with an 

emerald rainbow that makes a complete circle.  With strange people and animals.  We 

have entered the realm of the unfamiliar.  To understand it, we will have to rely on the 

leadership of the Holy Spirit.  Letís look tonight at the Throne Chapter.

  I.  v.2-3                     THE SOVERIEGN ON THE THRONE

    A.  Ill. The glory of seeing God on His throne.

    B.  There are three facts revealed about God:

	1.  v.2 The Stability Of God - His government - Ill. throne set.  Nothing or no 

             one can overturn God - Psa. 47:8; Psa. 45:6

	2.  v.2 The Symbolism Of God - His glory -  John tries to do the impossible!

	    a. Jasper - Hard, inflexible, clear, unchangeable, firm.  Describes the Lordís 

	       government.  (Ill. The Lordís fixed physical laws - Gravity, 

               thermodynamics, etc.)  His moral laws are just as stable.  (Ill. He will rule 

               with a rod of iron - Psa. 2:9)

	    b. Sardine - Blood red, flashing and fiery - Speaks of the holiness of God.  Ill. 

	        the fires on Israels altar was never to go out!  This perpetual fire was to 

   	        remind Israel of the wickedness of their sins.  God is HOLY and as 

                long as there is sin in the universe, His anger will burn against it!  Ill. He is 

	        not some doting old man or some cosmic Santa Clause.  He is holy, He is God!

	    c. Ill. The human side - This seems pretty tough!  But, it is a picture of one 

                 who will judge the world. .  Ill. the Priests breastplate - Ex. 28:17, 20.  The 

                 first and last stones mentioned were these two.  It reminds us that yes, 

                 there will be judgment, but it will be administered by one who has walked 

                 among us,  there is human side to the judgment!  (He judges, but with 

                 compassion - Ill. Near the heart!)

	3. v.3  The Serenity Of God - His grace - Ill. OT rainbow.  Right now, we only 

             see half the bow, then we shall see it all - 1 Cor. 13:12.  We will see it right 

             then.  Ill. Trials of faith and struggles.

 II. v.4                          THE SAINTS AROUND THE THRONE

	Ill. 24 elders.  they are symbolic of all the redeemed of the ages. (Ill. 12ot 12nt)

    A.  A Promise Fulfilled - 2 Tim. 2:12 (Ill. Happy Baptists)

    B.  A Position Finalized - (Ill. Spiritually seated - Eph. 2:10) (Ill. we will literally 

          be here someday!;  THIS IS US!)

	1.  White Raiment - Purity and righteousness.  Only when we are clothed in His 

	      righteousness do we merit Heaven.

	2.  Crowns Of Gold - Judgment seat is past!  Crowns represents reward for 	  


III. v.5-11                   THE SONGS BEFORE THE THRONE

    A.  v.5a  A picture of approaching judgment. (Ill. Thunder, lightning, tornado)

    B.  v.5b  Seven Lamps - Holy Spirit in all of His Completeness.  No longer the 

	Comforter, but an instrument of judgment!

    C.  v.6a  Sea of Glass - Finality, Godís judgment is final.  No more appeals it is 

	over.	(Ill. Natural sea - changes and fluctuates - this sea cannot change.)  (Ill. 

	Laver The time for repentance and cleansing is past, Godís judgment is fixed 

	and 	unchangeable. 

    D. v.6-8  The Four Beasts - (4 = world  - seasons, compass)  These beasts represent 

	all created life.  Lion = wild; Calf = domesticated; man = intelligent; Eagle = 

	birds.  (Ill. each represents a different side of the Lord - 4 gospels - Lion = 

	Matthew; Calf = Mark; Man = Luke; Eagle = John.) Ill. To be near Him is to

	be like Him! (Ill. Wings speak of swiftness in service!)  Ill. All creation is quick 

	to praise Him and glorify the Lord! A Picture of unceasing praise to the 


    E. v.9-11  Celebration - When the beasts glorify the Lord, the church begins to 

	worship.  Heaven will throb with the praise of Jesus. (Note: Every time the 

        24 elders appear in the Revelation, they are falling on their faces and praising Do!) Letís 

	do two things:

	1.  Begin to praise Him now so we will be ready.

	2.  Earn many crowns to be able to cast them at His feet.

	     Worship is worthship.  He alone is worthy to receive our praise!

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