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Rev. 5:1-7                            THERE STANDS THE LAMB

Intro:  Recap chapters 1 - 4.  Chapter 5 is one of the most important chapters in the 

entire book!  We must remember that we are dealing exclusively with prophecy now.  

Everything we will talk about is future.  We also must remember that God is exact in 

what He promises.  Ill. Josiah, 1 Kings 13 - 300 years; Cyrus, Isa. 44:28 - 100 years.  

In chapter 4, we have the praise of the Lord for creation, in chapter 5, we have the 

praise of the Lord for redemption.  Christ is is central figure of the chapter, the Book 

is also featured.  Letís notice the details of these verses.

  I. v.1                            A FANTASTIC SCROLL

      Where is the Book?  On Godís hand.  The book is a scroll. (Ill. Scrolls)  God is

 	extending the Book. What is the Book about?  

	1. Related to man, v.3.  

	2. Concerned with what will happen to the earth, chp. 6.  

	3. Has to do with redemption, chp. 5.

	     In the O.T., three things could be redeemed:

		1. A Servant - Jesus broke the bondage and slavery of sin.

		2. A Wife - Jesus redeemed His Bride out of the World and from the 


		3. Land - Jesus will redeem the world!

	             (Ill. Jeremiah 32:8-14 - Explain redemption)

	       		a. On the inside, why the land was lost.

	       		b. On the outside, the terms of redemption.

    A.  God is holding the title deed to the planet earth and to all of creation.  Christ is 

          The redeemer!  (Eph. 1:13-14; Rom. 8:21 - Il. Sinís curse)

    B.  Adam sold his inheritance to Satan - (Ill. The results)

	1.  The story is inside the scroll

	2.  The redemption price is on the outside (A Sinless Man)

    C.  Ill. Why hasnít God moved before now?  It would have been illegal.

 II. v.2-4                     A FRANTIC SEARCH

    Question:  Who is worthy?  (Not who is willing - Napoleon, Hitler, Alexander, etc.)

    A.  No Man In Heaven - No person, no angel was able.

    B.  No Man Upon Earth - No politician, no religious leader.

    C.  No Man In Hell - No departed conqueror or demon.

    D.  No one could take the Book or even look upon it!

    E.  There is silence in Heaven, until we hear John crying.  (Wept much = cried and 

	cried)  First crying in Heaven!

    F.  These are the tears of all humanity - Caused by sin.

   G.  Why cry?  Because the church has been redeemed, but creation was still under 

	The curse.  If no one could take the Book and pay the price, then creation would 

	have to remain in bondage.

III. v.5-7                      THE FABULOUS SAVIOR

    (Weep not, behold!  (Ill. This is the message of the church, we have a redeemer.)  

      The elders say weep not, for the Lion has prevailed!)

    A.  The Character Of The Savior 

	1.  A Lion - Majesty, authority, power (Ill. The Jews were looking for a lion and          

	     got a lamb!)

	2.  A Lamb - John expected to see a lion and saw a lamb (Means a little lamb)

	     (Ill. Passover Lamb, a pet Lamb.)  (God took His little lamb for you and me!)

	   a.  A Slain Lamb - Still bore the marks.  These will serve to remind us of the 

	        price paid for us.

(Ill. Jesus was there the whole time!  Jesus promised to be in the midst!  Too often, we 

come to church and miss Jesus while looking around at everything else.)

	3.  Seven Horns - All Power - Omnipotence - Matt. 28:18

	     Seven Eyes - All knowing - Omniscience - Heb. 4:13

    B.  The Conquest Of The Savior

	1.  He Prevailed - v.5 - He conquered in every instance - Temptation, Calvary,

	     tomb, ect.)

	2.  He is able!

	3.  He took the Book and is ready to redeem all creation.

Conc:  Is Jesus your Lion (Judge), or is He your Lamb (Savior)?


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