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No claims of absolute originality are made for this material. As one man said, "I milk a lot of cows, but I churn my own butter." Please use these sermons as the Lord leads, but nothing on this site may be used for profit without my expressed, written permission!




Rev. 6:9-17                HISTORYíS GREATEST PRAYER MEETING

Intro:  Ill. The first four seals.  The events of these verses, are during the middle 

portion of the Great Tribulation.  The time known as Jacobís Trouble, (Jer. 30:7)As 

the fifth and sixth seals are opened, terrible things take place on the earth.  Many are 

depressed by the events of Revelation.  However, we must consider what this world 

has done and continues to do to God and His Son Jesus Christ.  God has every right to 

judge mankind and He will exercise that right during the Tribulation.  Letís look into 

the Word as the Lamb opens these two seals.

  I. V.9-11                  THE MARTYRS IN PEACE (Ill. Martyr - One killed for 	

			           adherence to a belief!)

    (This passgae refutes two doctrines:  1. Soul sleep - These souls are awake!  2.   

      Purgatory - These souls are not paying for anything, they are waiting on 


    (Altar = Safety; Security and Sacrifice)

    (After the rapture, the world will hear the gospel - Currently, Scripture is in 1,100 translations; 

      2,000  languages!)

    A. V.9  THE COST OF ALLEGIENCE - (More in chp. 7)

	1.  Many will be saved during Tribulation.  Many will pay with their own blood!

	     (Ill. The inquisition of the dark ages; modern persecutations!) (2Tim. 3:12)

	    (Ill. Matt. 10:25; John 16:1-4)

 	2.  There is a price to pay for devotion to the Lord!


	1.  Ill. A strange cry - Not a Christian cry, we are taught to pray for our enemies 

- 	     Ill. Stephen - Acts 7; Jesus Luke 23; Ill. Matt 5:44; Rom. 12:14

	2.  How long Oh Lord?  OT terminology - Ill. Psa. 94:1-4

	3.  God will deal diferently during the Trib.  (Ill. OT = Law; NT = Grace)

    C. V.11  THE COMFORT OF OMNIPOTENCE (Ill. It is good to serve a 

        God 	who knows it all!)

	1.  White Robes - Have a body; Purity; Closeness; Love!

	2.  Others must die also!  (Ill. Why?  To glorify the Lord!  Rub Satanís face in 


	3.  In the midst of trouble, just rest in the Lord, we will understand it better 

             farther on.  Even now, God has a purpose - Rom. 8:28.

 II. V.12-17            MEN IN PANIC  (Ill. Most awful and frightening scene in 


	(Ill. We have just seen the prayer meeting in Heaven.  Here is the largest one the 

	world has ever seen.!)  (Ill. 7 classes of men are portrayed - a picture of the 

        entire human race.  A race in total panic!)  (Ill. TV and movies have left us 

	desensitized, but the feeling will come back some day!)  Here is a scene where 

        all of mankind has gone totally berserk!

    A. V.12-14   WHAT THEY SEE  (Ill. Earthquakes)

	1.  A universe in total and absolute bedlam - Ill. Predicted - Hag. 2:7; Mt. 24:29.

	     (4,000 yrs - 13,000,000 dead from quakes!) 

	2.  An Earthquake - Ill. The fear of an earthquake.  Men rely on the stability of 

             the earth.  But, even that will fail then!

	3.  Sun Becomes Black - Happened at Calvary!  (Ill. May 19, 1780 - The Dark 

	     Day)  The sun goes into mourning!  Ill. A universal power failure!  Ill. No 

	   ordinary eclipse!  Some believe this is atomic war - No Way!) Sun God dead!

	4.  Moon Becomes as Blood - Ill. A reddening of the moon!  (Ill. Power of the 

   	     moon)  Moon God dead!

	5.  Stars fall - Ill. The use of stars - Navigation, Prognostication - the God of 

	     Astrology is dead!

	6.  All of the naturally stable things that man has depended on are removed 

             from their sight that they focus their attention on God!

	7.  Heaven is rolled back - All that is above is rolled away!  The curtain is 

             drawn, the veil that separates us from the face of God will be removed!

	8.  Mountains and Islands moved - (Ill. Atomic war - 17 times amount needed to    

	     destroy the world!)  All stability is gone.  (Ill. Many times the sinner has to 

             be  brought there before he will come to Jesus!)

    B. V.15-16a  WHAT THEY SAY

	1.  Seek Refuge - Ill cave men in future, not past!  Man is devolving not 


	2.  All men begin to pray - Want to be buried in the rocks.  Men who are too 

             tough and too cool to pray now, will pray then!  But, to the wrong place!

	3.  Too late to pray now! Yet they pray and in the wrong direction!  They call

	     on the rocks and not the Rock to cover them!  Many who would not turn 

             before do now, but it is too late!

    C. V.16b-17  WHAT THEY SENSE

   	1.  Will finally believe that sin, wrath and judgment are true!

	2.  Wrath of the Lamb - (Ill. Lambs - Meek, gentle, docile - Paradox)

	     (A picture of rejected love!)  (Wrath = Orge, A building of anger - Godís 

	     wrath has been building for a long time!  It will be released!  (Ill. Hurricaine

	     Camille and hurricaine party!  It grew and killed them all!)

	3.  None Will Be Able to Stand - All will have to experience the judgment of 

             God.  None is good enough to escape.  It will be a time of Hell on earth!

Conc:  Come to the Lamb, while He is still dealing with men in mercy!  Rev. 22:17!


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