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Rev. 7:9-17                       THE TRIBULATION SAINTS

Intro:  Ill. The 144,000.  I praise the Lord that there will still be people saved during 

tribulation times!  This is good news.  Here is a number totaling more than one man 

could count!  These verses give us the opportunity to look at what awaits those who 

come out of tribulation.  It also affords us the privilege of getting a little sneak 

preview into the goings on of glory.  I donít know about you, but I tend to get a little 

bit homesick evey now and then.  This is Godís way of pulling the curtain aside and 

letting us look into the things that will happen when we finally get home.  Letís notice 

some facts about this great multitude.

  I.  V.9-12                        THEIR DESCRIPTION (Includes the souls under the 

                                         altar! Rev. 6:16)

    A.  They are Gentiles - God dealt with the Jew in verses 1-9, now He turns to the 

	gentiles.  Acts 1:16 - Thank God, He loves the gentile. Rom. 1:16

    B.  Standing - Not the church - Ill. Rev. 4:4  (Ill. 1Thes. 1:10)

    C.  White Robes - Virtue, purity, (Ill. Rev. 3:5, sardis)  (Ill. 1 John 1:7; Isa.1:18)

    D.  Palms - Victory, (Ill. Israel - John 12:13) (Ill. Victory over trib. And devil!)

    	Ill. Satan and Antichristís worse punishment turns out to be these saintsís 

	greatest blessing!

    E.  Praises - These saints lift their voices together and praise the Lord for His 

	saving work!  Ill. What a worthy theme!  Ill. We ought to be about the same 

	business - Luke 10:20!  (Ill. The OT Feast of Tabernacles - All Nations praising God 

	together!  When we are redeemed by God and are with Him, we have reason to 

	praise - Heb. 13:5)

    F.  Angels - Say Amen, add seven additional blessings, like that so good, they say 

	Amen again!  (Ill. Angels are not known to sing! But, they are known to praise - 

        Ill. They have seen praise - Luke 15:7, Ill They never praise God for salvation!  

	This 	is a human privilege!)

 II.  V.13-14                     THEIR DELIVERANCE (Ill. Elder and John)

    A.  Came OUT OF tribulation!  Saved as a result of the witness of the 144,000!

    B.  Saved by the blood - Ill. Slaughterhouse religion!  The Blood is THE ONLY 

	WAY TO GOD!  Heb. 9:22; 1 Pet. 1:18-19; Rev. 1:5; 1 John 1:7  Ill. Salvation!

III.  V.15-17                      THEIR DESTINY 

    A.  V.15  Service - They will serve God continually.  Service never ends, here or 


    B.  V.16  Blessings:

	1.  No hunger - Ill. Famine, 6:5-6

	2.  No Thirst - Ill. Water to blood - 8:8, 11

	3.  No Sunburn - Ill. Sun - 16:8-9

    C.  V.17  Joy

	1.  Jesus Himself will feed them.

	2.  Will give them plenty and they shall never want!

	3.  God will wipe their tears away, Ill death of saints, Il. All they saw.  One day 

	     God will extend his grace in a personal way! (Ill. Us too - Rev. 21:4)



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