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No claims of absolute originality are made for this material. As one man said, "I milk a lot of cows, but I churn my own butter." Please use these sermons as the Lord leads, but nothing on this site may be used for profit without my expressed, written permission!





Intro:  Ill. The events thus far.  We have witnessed the opening of six of the seven 

seals.  When the seventh is opened, it produces seven trumpets.  These trumpet 

announce what will be a series of divine judgments upon a sinful world.  There is not 

much for man to say about these things.  Therefore, we will let the Bible speak for 

itself in these matters.

  I.  V.1                   SILENCE IN HEAVEN

    A.  The lull before the storm.

    B.  The judgments that follow are so terrible that all of Heaven falls silent.  (Ill. 

	Beasts, Elders, Angels, Choirs.)

    C.  Sometimes, we need to get silent before the Lord - Psa. 46:10

    D.  Ill. The effect of silence - (Ill. Wedding, Prison, Ill. Man in truck!)  30 mins of 

	total silence is never shattering!

 II. V.2 & 6            SOLEMN PREPARATIONS

    A.  Seven angels are given trumpets.  The trumpets will signal the judgments.

    B.  Ill. The importance of trumpets - Num. 10:1-12 - (Assembly, Journey, Alarm, 

	War,	Worship, ect.)

    C.  These angels position themselves and get ready to sound their trumpers - v.6

III.  V.3-5               SAINTíS PRAYERS

    A.  The prayers of the saints are kept - Psa. 56:8-9; Rev. 5:8

    B.  Will be offered before the Lord - (Ill. Delayed answers!)

    C.  Ill. The Lordís prayer!  When we pray, ďThy Kingdom ComeĒ, we are asking 

	for God to judge this world!  It also anwers the prayer in 6:9-10.

    D.  Pray!  God hears, Jer. 33:3; and He will answer!

    E.  V.5  After the prayers went up, the judgment came down!

    F.  Ill. The world has rejected Jesusí sacrifice on the cross of Calvary, now they will 

	be judged from the altar of God!  

 IV.  V.7-13             SERIOUS PUNISHMENT

    A.  V.7  First Trumpet - Hail, fire and blood cast upon the earth. (Ill. Eze. 38:22)

	1/3 of all trees and all the green grass gone!  Imagine that! (Ill. Oxygen levels!)

    B.  V.8-9  Second Trumpet - ďA mountain cast into the sea!Ē

	1/3 of sea turns to blood; 1/3 of all sea life dies; 1/3 of all ships go down!

	(Ill. Manís dependence upon the sea!)

    C.  V.10-11  Third Trumpet - A falling star

	1.  Poisons 1/3 of all fresh water!  (Ill. Wormwood - a poison herb - Ill. 	  


	2.  Jesus is the water of life - John 14:13-14 - He was rejected and now He will 

	     judge them in a manner that will remind mankind of who He is!

    D.  V.12  Fourth Trumpet - (Godís dimmer switch)

	1.  Dims the light by 1/3

	2.  Ill. Darkness increases by 8 hours per day.  (Ill. Cold, heat and power; Ill. 


	3.  Jesus is the light of the world - Jn. 8:12 - Men chose darkness and get their 

	    desire.   (Ill. All of these things are an Ecologistís nightmare!)

    E.  V.13   The Eagle - he proclaims 3 woes upon the world.  Things are going to 

         get worse from this point!

Conc:  No person present need worry about these things.  If, that is, you are saved by 

the grace of God!  Soon all of these things will come to pass.  Where will you be when 

it all comes down?

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