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No claims of absolute originality are made for this material. As one man said, "I milk a lot of cows, but I churn my own butter." Please use these sermons as the Lord leads, but nothing on this site may be used for profit without my expressed, written permission!





Intro: To understand any book of the Bible, but especially Revelation with it's complexity and depth, we must understand the setting, or backdrop against which it was written. Many books require in depth study to find out this information, but this one gives it all to us right here in these verses. Tonight, as we study this passage, let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart and I guarantee that you will be blessed. Let's look together at the BACKDROP FOR THE REVELATION.


A. Who Wrote The Book? John (90-100 years old!) (Ill. Older folk have a place)

1. Brother - (Ill. No distinction between ministry and congregation!)
2. Companion - Persecution, 2 Tim, 3:12; Service; Watching

B. Where Was John? Patmos - A 10 mile by 6 mile rock in the Mediterranean Sea. This island was used by Rome as a hard labor prison. (Ill. The providence of God - Domitian tried to kill John, but when he couldn't do it, he had him banished to Patmos. A place where God could get him alone an speak to him.)(Ill. He was there physically, but He was in the Spirit also!) (Ill. All believers are in two locations:

1. v.9b - Earthly location - Patmos
2. v.10a - Spiritual Location - In the Spirit (Ill. Need for balance)(Ill. We need to worship in the Spirit - John 4:24) (Ill. John alone at church - Any service is what we make it!)

C. Why Was He There?

1. His Preaching - 1 Cor. 1:18
2. His Testimony - Ill. Christianity was a criminal activity. It might be that again.



A. v.11b The Command John Received - Write it and Send it - Ill. Why these seven?

B. v.19 The Conditions John Received - (God's Divine Outline)

1. Past - (Ch. 1)
2. Present - (Ch. 2-3)
3. Prospective - (Ch. 4-22)

(This is the KEY verse of Revelation. You miss it and you will fall into false interpretations.) 



(Ill Jesus is the centerpiece of the Revelation, v.1a)

A. v.12 Candlesticks - (Ill. Lampstands) A picture of the church, Mt. 5:16 (Vrs. 20)

B. v.13 Jesus is in the midst of His churches! Mt. 18:20. He meets us here!(Ill. What is He doing when He comes to church?)

C. v.14-18 Jesus Displayed - Ill. When John Turned around he saw:

1. v.11a His Personality - Ill. The author and the finisher - Heb. 12:2; John 8:58
2. v.13 His Position - (Ill. Son of Man - John knew Him well! John 19:26; 13:25; 21:7. (Ill. He is Signified by His clothing) (Ill. Clothes do not make the man, they mark him) His garments mark Him as: Priest (Praying); King (Guiding); Judge (Examining)
3. v.14-16 His Person.

a. v.14 Head and hair - Purity, Age, Wisdom (1 Pet. 2:22; Dan. 7:9)
b. v.14 Eyes - Perception - Heb. 4:13
c. v.15 Feet - Persistence - (Ill. Will never quit, Ill. His Life) (Ill;. Judgment - Will stomp all of His enemies - Heb. 10:12-13)
d. v.15 Voice - Power - (Ill Voice of authority; Niagara, ocean) (Cannot be argued with) (Ill. He will have the final say!)
e. v.16 Stars in hand - Protection - (Ill. Safe in the hand of Jesus - Col. 3:3)
f. v.16 Mouth - Perfection - Heb. 4:12, Jesus always spoke the perfect Word.
g. v.16 Countenance - Peerlessness - (Ill He has no equals!) (Ill. The Sun!)

(Churches = Lampstands; Messengers = Stars; Jesus = The Sun - He outshines them all!)

4. v.17 His Peace - Ill. John's reaction and Jesus' touch. He was always dispensing peace - Ill. John 6:20; John 14:27.

5. v.18 His Power - This verse tells all we need to know to give us peace concerning the future! Jesus is in control of all, Mt. 28:18.

a. Resurrection - His and ours.
b. His Right - He holds the keys that unlock deaths door! (He is the key man!)(Ill. Jail.) He has authority over death and judgment - Ill. Eph. 4!



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