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Rev. 12:1-6                        WONDERS IN HEAVEN

Intro:  This is a chapter of great controversy.  Many stumble here and fall into the trap 

of false doctrine.  A personís interpretation of the whole book hinges on what they 

believe about this particular passage of scripture.  As always, we will intrepret the 

scriptures in a way that allows them to speak for themselves.  Notice the word 

ďwonderĒ, it means a sign, an unusual event worthy of special notice.  Something very 

strange is going on here.  The vision that John is seeing is partly past and partly 

future.  Letís spend a few minutes looking into these verses and notice some wonders 

in Heaven.

  I.  v.1-2                     A WOMAN

    A.  She has been variously interpreted as:  The Virgin Mary, The Church, and 

	many female cult leaders and even some women preachers have tried to set 

	themselves as this woman.

    B.  Her true identity?

	1.  Seen in her attire:  Ill. Gen. 37:9-11

	   a.  Sun - Glory, Isa. 46:13

	   b.  Moon - Dominion - Gen. 13:15

	   c.  Crown - Rule - The Jew will dominate the post-millenial world.

	2.  Seen in her crown - (12 Stars - Ill. 12 tribes - Gen. 37:9; 35:22)

    C.  Her Pain - This also displays her identity.

	1.  Her Cry - Israel has ever cried for her deliver, the Messiah to come - Ex. 3:7, 

	     God has heard their pleas.

	2.  Her Travail - Israel has been in travail since the beginning.  (Ill. All the 	  

	     persecutions.)  (Ill. Isa. 66:7-8)  (Ill. Israel is not finished with pain and 	 

	     suffering, she will go through the tribulation.)

	3.  Her Pain - Israel desired and desires to see Messiah come - Isa. 9:6

    D.  The woman without doubt pictures Israel.  (Ill. Godís Wife - Isa. 50:1; Jer. 3:8)

	The church is a virgin bride, 2 Cor. 11:2.  The woman pictured here is obviously 

	no virgin!

 II.  v.3-4                      A DRAGON

    A.  The identity of the Dragon is clear from verse 9.

    B.  Letís notice several features of his character.

	1.  Great - Power and control in the world - Matt. 4:8-9.

	2.  Red - His murders - John 8:44.

	3.  Dragon - His vicious nature - 1 Pet. 5:8.

	4.  7 heads - His wisdom - Eze. 28:12.

	5.  10 Horns - His power over the final kingdom of man.

	6.  7 Crowns - His perfect authority in the world system - 2 Cor. 4:4.

    C.  His Activity 

	1.  1/3 of the stars - The angels who followed him in his rebellion - Isa. 14:13-


	2.  Destroy the child - Satan hates the child of the woman.  This is a reference to 

	     the events surrounding the birth of Jesus - Matt. 2:13-18.  Ill. Gen. 3:15.  

	    Throughout the history of Israel, satan has tried to corrupt or kill off 

	    the bloodline that would produce Jesus.  (Ill. Cain, Noah, Isaac, Jacob, 

	    David, Etc

III.  v.5                      A MAN CHILD

    A.  His Identity is plain 

	1.  He will rule the world - Psa. 2:9

	2.  He will be caught up to God.  A plain reference to the ascension of Jesus!

	     (Ill. His life and His work! - Mark 16:19)  (Ill. Stephen - Acts 7:55-56)

	     (Ill. Heb. 1:3, 13; 8:1; 10:12; 12:2; 1 Pet. 3:22)

    B.  The child can only be the Lrod Jesus!  He alone is worthy!

 IV.  v.6                     A JOURNEY

    A.  Speaks of a time of great persecution.  (Ill. The events of the Tribulation - 

	covenant, betrayal, murder, etc - Matt. 24:15-22; Dan. 9:27; 2 Thes. 2:1-4)

    B.  God will miraculously preserve His chosen people - (Ill. Petra!?)

    C.  This will be a sad time for anyone left behind!  God help us in the time left

	for us to work to get past little old petty things and win some people to Jesus!

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