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Rev. 13:11-15                   THE BEAST FROM THE EARTH

Intro:  Ill. The Satanic Trinity.  Many things that Satan does, are a direct attempt by 

the devil to copy God.  Last week, we looked at the Anti-Christ, this week, we are 

confronted with the Anti-Holy Spirit.  The last one was the governmental, economic, 

military leader; this one is the leader of false religion.  There will be a one world 

religion! Itís coming and is even now on itís way.  The world is getting ready for the 

advent of a new global community that will embrace all religions, (Ill. The Pope ,Ill. 

A leader in the Ecumenical movement - A person with worldwide connections has 

even been in this church!)  Letís spend some time tonight looking at this beast from 

the earth.  The evil man known as the False Prophet.

  I.  v.11             THE APPEARANCE OF THE BEAST

    A.  Out Of The Earth - Lit. from the land.  Probably from Israel, possibly a Jew.

    B.  Two Horns - Power and authority.  (Ill. No crowns)

    C.  Like A Lamb - Gentleness and association with Christ.  This is the Anti-Lamb!  

	He claims authority os the chosen of God.  (Ill. people will flock to hear anyone 

	who claims to speak for God!)

    D.  Speaks As A Dragon - With deceptiveness - Ill. 1 Tim. 4:1)   He is intent on 

	devouring peopleís lives and souls - 1 Pet. 5:7.  Ill. Satan and every demon are

	liars! - John 8:44

 II.  v. 12           THE AUTHORITY OF THE BEAST

    A.  He is empowered by the devil and acts with the authority of the Anit-Christ.

    B.  He causes the world to worship the Antichrist and the Devil - (Ill. Ecumenical

	Movement and one world church!)  Ill. 2 Thes. 2:4.  Ill. The repulsiveness of

	devil worship!  One day, the entire world will do it and think they are 

	worshipping God come down to man!


    A.  Miracles - v.13 - Fire from Heaven - (Ill. Elijah - 1 Kings 18; Mal. 4:5-6; A 

	duplicate of Elijahís miracle!)  Not all miracles are of God - Ill. So called 

	Charismatic movement!  Not all men of God do miracles! (Ill. John Baptist - 

	Matt. 11:11; John 10:41!)

    B.  Miracles - v.14 - Uses the miracles to convince people to go away into idolatry!

    C.  Miracles - v.15 - The image they make moves, speaks and demands worship.  

	All  who refuse to worship the image are destroyed.  (Ill. Robotics?  Reality?)

Conc:  As we conclude these thoughts on this second beast, let me ask you some 

questions. 1.) How open are you to new forms of worship?  2.) Do you belive that all 

religions can operate under the same umbrella?  3.)  How important is pure doctrine to 

you personally?  4.)  Do you think it is acceptible to worship with people of a different 

faith?  In these last days, we will begin to see more and more of these things coming 

to pass. We will begin to see an erosion of the truth and a disappearance of the 

dictinctives that mark us from others.  You will worship someone!  Either God or the 

Devil!  Yes, you will bow before one or the other!  

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