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Rev. 13:16-18                        HELLíS GATE PASS

Intro:  This passage of scripture has, without doubt, caused more speculation and fear 

than any other piece of Biblical prophecy.  It seems that everyone is afraid of the Mark 

of the Beast.  There have been may foolish attempts to make it mean some individual, 

(Ill. Reagan, Kissinger, Pope, Nero, etc.), or some system.  (Ill. Computer in Belguim, 

Social Security).  The truth of the matter is that no Christian in this room need worry 

about having to receive the Mark of the Beast.  However, those who are lost and 

survive until the middle of the Tribulation period will have to make a choice.  (Ill. 

Grocery store clerk and $6.66.)  Letís try to dispel some of the mystery surrounding 

the Mark of the Beast.  I donít have ever yanswer, but the Scriptures and society do 

provide some of the answers we seek.  Letís look into the Mark of the Beast.

  I.  v.16                             AN ECUMENICAL MARK

    A.  All will be required to receive the mark.  It will accompany the worship of the 

	beast and his image.  v. 15, 13:4  (Ill. Ex. 34:14)

    B.  Ill. Ceasar worship of the time Revelation was written.

    C.  The world is being programmed today - (Ill. Credit Cards, Debit Cards, SS#ís)

    D.  The word mark is the Gr. word ďCharagmaĒ = A physical mark, an etching.  

	Used 8 times in NT, 7 refer to the Mark of the Beast, all refer to idolatry!

    	1.  It may or may not be visible to the naked eye.

	2.  Some possibilities:

	   a.  Laser Tattoos - Visible under ultra-violet light

	   b.  A literal number - Too easily forged.

	   c.  Scannable computer chip - Already used in animals, (Ill. Spain, Indiana)

	   d.  Fingerprint scan, retina scan, heat scan(Very possible!)

	   e.  Genetic code - Too costly and complicated

           f.  Voice patterns - easily faked

 II.  v.17                              AN ECONOMIC MARK

    A.  It will be required for buying and selling.

    B.  It has happened before - (Ill. WWII and rationing)  (Ill. Samís Club!)

    C.  Probably implies a totally cashless system.

	1.  Headed there right now - ATM cards, Credit Cards; Debit Cards

              (Ill. Debit cards for welfare and food stamps.)

	2.  Proliferation of computers makes it possible.  (Ill. Wal Mart)

	3.  A cashless economis system implies: (No tax fraud, No illegal cash  	 

	     transactions, Saving of billions by banks and businesses and governments,

	     convenience, No robberies, No cash drug transactions, total governmental

	     control of the population.)

    D.  The message is simple, ďNo mark, no food!Ē.  People will either bow to 

          Antichrist 	or they will starve!  Given the choice, what would you do?

III.  v.18                             AN ENUMERATED MARK

    A.  Ill. 666 - 6 is the number of man (Ill. Nebís idol - Dan. 3:1; Ill. Goliath - 6 

	cubits tall, spear weighed 600 shekels) (created on the sixth day, works 6 days, 

	666 	represents the utmost of manís intelligence and achievement, yet it is still short 

	of God!)  God is represented by the number ď7Ē  it denotes completion, and 

	perfection.  777 denotes complete Godhead; 666 denotes complete evil - 

	complete	or not, it is still short of God!

    B.  666 is a manís number.  Why would anyione choose that number?  2 reasons:  

	1.) 	To stand in total defiance to God;  2.) To show the world that he doesnít care 

	about God - 2 Thes. 2:4) (Ill. The spirit of Antichrist is already at work, God is 

	already being kicked out of life - public and private!)

    C.  666 Might be incorporated into the system for everyone - as a prefix or suffix

    D.  Headed there now, we cannot make it without munbers - (Ill. Some!)

 IV.                                    AN ETERNAL MARK

    A.  Many will refuse the mark - 15:3; 20:4  (Ill Those who refused Ceasar worship.)

    B.  Anyone who accepts the Mark, has received a one way ticket to Hell.  They 

	cannot be saved! Rev. 14:9-12

    C.  They will suffer eternally and physically in this life - Rev. 16:2

    D.  They who receive the mark are doomed.  Ill. It wonít be easy to say no!

Conc:  People need to be educated about what this mark is real all about.  They need 

to know that they donít even have to be here for that time that is coming.  We must 

live out and speak out the truth.  This system will not even come until the church is 

gone.  It is also an absolute deception for eveyone involved in it - Rev. 19:20

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