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Rev. 14:1-5                   WITH THE LAMB ON MOUNT ZION

Intro:  After the turmoil and death of chapter thirteen, we need something like this to 

encourage and refresh our hearts.  Only God can follow a black storm with a beautiful 

rainbow!  Only God can take somehting so black and dark and make it turn out all 

right.  He does this in our lives daily, and He will do it in the tribulation also.  Ill. The 

blessedness of the Lamb!  He is THE theme of the Book!  Ill. Here we see again the 

144,000 of chapter 7.  What can be said about these men can be applied to every true 

believer in Jesus.  Let's glean from the Book.

  I.  v.1                         A HEAVENLY COMPANY (Ill. Mt. Zion in Jerusalem, the 

	king's residence.  It also stands as a type of Heaven.)

    A.  Divinely Protected - (Ill. The protection of the 144,000 - 13:15;  Ill The killing 

	of Antichrist's enemies, but not the 144,000 - 7:3.  They are God's Untouchables!

	(Ill. the Christian is immortal until God is through with him, Ill. No waepons - 

	Isa. 54:17)

    B.  Divinely Preserved - Ill. 144,000 sealed and 144,000 taken home, not 143,999!

	(Ill. Eternal Security!) (Ill. Business and Loss) (Ill. Not the perseverance of the 

	saints, it is the Preservation of the Savior! - John 17:12; 1 Pet. 1:5!) (Ill. All who 

	get saved go home!)  (Ill. Roll Call In Glory!)

 II.  v.2-3                      A HAPPY COMPANY (Ill. v.2 - Heaven's Orchestra is 

playing the overature.) (Ill. Happiness and singing in Heaven!) (We need to be 

happy and sing to the Lord down here! - Psa. 100:1-5!)  (Ill. People who will not 

sing!) (Ill. Crows and Nightingales!)

    A.  A New Song - A fresh song - A song no one else can sing.  (Ill. Everyone has a 

	song, a testimony a praise that is unique to them!  It is up to use to make use of 

	very opportunity to use them for the glory of God!)

III.  v.4-5                     A HOLY COMPANY (All these should be true of us!)

    A. v.4a  They Ae Detached - (Ill. Sins of trib.) (Ill. Seperation - 2 Cor. 6:17)

    B. v.4b  They Are Dedicated - They followed Jesus and did all He wanted! (Ill. 

	John 14:15; 21)  (Ill. Some areas where we need to be dedicated to the Lord!)

    C. v.4c  They Are Devoted - The Firstfruits are the guarantee of a full harvest!

    D. v.5a  They Are Dependable - Jesus can trust the holy - Luke 16:10

    E. v.5b  They Are Displayed - No Fault at all!  (Ill. Fault now, but no charges in 

	Heaven - Col. 2:13-14)  (Ill. Believers are faultless - Jude 24)  (Ill. God's 

	inability to remember forgiven sin - GLORY!!)


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