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Rev. 19:1-10                      SCENES OF GLORY IN HEAVEN

Intro:  Here is a change from the somber to the song.  Two scenes are in view in 

this chapter.  1.) Joy in Heaven.  2.) Judgment on the earth.  Two suppers are in 

view also.  1.) The marriage supper of the Lamb, v.9;  2.) The great supper of the 

great God v.17.  This chapter opens with the hallelujahs of Heaven ringing and 

closes with Hell opened.  Let’s look into these verses tonight and witness scenes of 

glory in Heaven.

  I.  v.1-6                  THE ANTHEMS OF THE SAVED (2 Words sounding out!)

 	Ill. Amen and Hallelujah - Words given to us to help us worship God.  These 

	are heavenly words.

	1.  These words are pronounced and translated the same in every language.

	      (Ill. 2 Travelers)

	2.  These words should be used to praise God.

	3.  Amen - A word of ascent and agreement to the Word of God.

		a.  When Amen occurs at the beginning of a sentence it means “Truly”.

		b.  When it comes at the end, it means “so be it”, or “I agree”.

		c.  Amen is the most known word in the world.

	4.  Hallelujah - Used in one place in NT.  It gives glory to the Lamb!

		a.  Hallelujah - “Praise the Lord”

		(Ill. We need to be about he business of praising God!  Some people 

		think they are dignified, but they are reall petrified!  It is in perfect 

		order to respond in the services!  Amen!  (Ill. Hallelujah Chorus - 

		Alright to sing it, but it would scare everyone to death if someone said 

		it, or even worse if they shouted it!)

There are four Hallelujahs that ring out in Heaven

    A.  The Hallelujah Of Redemption -v.1&5  Praise to God for all that He has 

	done for them.  (Ill. Cross, Grave, Blood!)  Hallelujah!  (Ill. Billy Bray and Cornish 

	people - “My right foot says Hellelujah and my left says Amen!”)  Praise God 

	that we are all different. (Ill. Old saint shouting in cold, formal church.  When told to 

	quiet down she replied, "I can't help it, I got religion."and the reply was“you didn’t get it here!”

	(Ill. Old lady shouting in cold church was carried out by 4 ushers.  She began to shout again and

	said, "Praise God, Jesus rode into town on 1 donkey, I'm getting carried out by four!"

    B.  The Hallelujah Of Retribution - v.2-3  Praise the Lord for His unerring 

	judgment.  Hallelujah! (Ill. God makes no mistake in judgment!)

    C.  The Hallelujah Of Realization - v.4  24 prostrate, again, before God.  (Ill. 

	Redeemed of God!)  When we finally get the Heaven, we’ll be all God saved 

	us to be!  Hallelujah!

    D.  The Hallelujah Of The Reign Of Christ - v.6  Praise God for the day when 

	Jesus will reign! (Hallelujah!)

 II.  v.7-10                THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE SUPPER

	(Ill. 2 Things will follow the rapture for the saints of God.  1.) The Judgment 

	Seat of  Christ.  2.)  The fastival of the marriage supper.)

	1.  Rapture - Catch us up!

	2.  Judgment Seat - Clean us up!

	3.  Marriage Supper - Cheer us up!

	(Ill. The oriental background for the marriage supper.)

	1.  Betrothal - engagement. (Ill. Differences)  (Ill. Spouse usually chosen by 

	      parents!  There is a danger here!) (We are married now!) (Our day!)

	2.  Presentation - The bridegroom and His friends would go and get the bride 

	     and take her to the home that he had prepared for them.  There, gifts 

	     would be exchanged.

	3.  The Festival - The length and lavishness of he marriage celebration would 

	     depend on the wealth of the bridegroom.

The Marriage Supper

1.  The Centrality Of The Bridegroom - v.7 - (Ill. Bride is usually foremost!)

      (Ill.  Society page, parties, showers, “Here Comes The Bride”; The groom is   

        totally unimportant!)  In Heaven, Jesus is the center of attention!

2.  The Coming Of The Bride - v.7 - (Ill. The Bride’s preparations!) (Ill. The need

     to keep ourselves clean!  We make our own wedding garments!)  (Ill. Inner and 

     outer garments - the tunic and the toga!)

3.  Righteousness Explained - v.8

    a.  Personal - Isa. 64:6

    b.  Provided - 2 Cor. 5:21; Rom. 3:21-22

    c.  Practical - (Ill. Hope chests - The Bride made her own dresses!)  The outer  

         garment will be of our own making, the inner garment will be made by God!

Conc:  Comment on verses 9-10.  Those who go are indeed blessed!  Are you going 

to be there?  Only if you know Jesus! (Ill. The fate of those lacking a wedding 

garment!  Matt. 22:1-13)


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