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Rev. 21:1-8                    A BRIGHT NEW WORLD

Intro:  The thought of Heaven has sustained the saint of God for centuries.  Just the 

knowledge that there is a place of endless glory and blessing ahead is enough to 

give the child of God “joy unspeakable and full of glory.”  In these verses, John 

gives us a small glimpse of that eternal state.  But, what he does give just whets my 

appetite for more.  Let’s look at the Bright New World that John describes in these 


  I.  v.1                                     A NEW CREATION

    A.  Some New Things - New = recently made, fresh, unused, worn  (Ill. New can 

	also mean, of a new kind, unprecendented, uncommon, unheard of!) 

	 Ill. 1 Cor. 2:9; Ill. we Are used to a spoiled creation.

    B.  Some No More Things

	1.  The old creation - 2 Pet. 3:10

	2.  The Obstacle of the sea - (Ill. Oceans are probably a product of the flood!)

	     (Ill. Seas were an obstacle in John’s day)  (Speaks of there being no 	 

	  	      boundries between men.)

 II.  v.2                                     A NEW CITY

    A.  A Pure City - (Ill. Holy!)  Contrast old and new.

    B.  A Presented City - (From God) 1 Cor. 2:9; Eph. 3:20

    C.  A Prepared City - Ill. John 14:1-3.  Ill. A bride preparing to give herself 

	totally to her husband.

III.  v.3-4                                 A NEW COMMUNION

    A.  v.3  Blessed By The Presence Of God - (Ill. Tabernacle!)  God will be 

	present with His people!  Ill. This makes me homesick.  Makes me lose 

	interest in this world!

    B.  v.4  Blessed By The Absence Of Grief

	1.  No sadness - Wipe = obliterate, erase, blot out, wipe out!  No cause for 	 


	2.  No Separation - No more untimely separations by death!

	3.  No Sorrow -  Ill. Mourning - No more broken hearts!

	4.  No Suffering - No more hurts, no more labors, no more longings!

 IV.  v.5-8                               A NEW CONSTITUTION

    A.  v.5-6a  A Splendid Place - (Ill. “I Make”, and “It is done!”)

    B.  v.6b-7  A Satisfying Place 

	1.  Satisfying Resources - Every need supplied, every desire fulfilled!

	2.  Satisfying Rewards - Ill. Joint heirs with Jesus - Rom. 8:17.

	3.  Satisfying Relationship - He gave us His Son - Jn 3:16; He gave us His 	 

	     Spirit - Luke 11:13.  Now in a very literal way, He gives us himself!

    C.  v.8  A Safe Place - All those who are outside are banished from Heaven!  

	It is this type of people who have ruined our world, but they will not ruin that 

	world, for they will not be allowed in!  Ill. The sadness of “Unbeliever”!  

	(Ill. These will be among the tears He wipes away!)

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