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Rev. 21:9 - 22:5            A GLIMPSE OF OUR NEW HOME

Intro:  These verses bring into view the place that Jesus referred to in John 14:2.  

This is the place that He has gone to prepare.  The Bible gives us a description that 

boggles the mind and goes far beyond anything that we as humans can imagine.  In 

the last message, we saw the spiritual and psychological aspects of the city, now we 

will have an opportunity to consider the physical characteristics of our heavenly 

home.  Letís look at these verses tonight and see if we can catch a glimpse of our 

new home.

  I.  v.9-10                                         THE SCENE

    A.  v.9  The City Identified - The city is called the Bride.  It is identified with 

	itís inhabitants.  (Ill. Heaven will be heavenly because of the occupants!)

    B.  v.10  The City Inspected - This city descends from Heaven from the Lord 

	and 	stays above the earth.  John is about to get the grand tour so he can share ti 

	with 	us.

 II.  v.11-21                                     THE SPLENDOR

    A.  v.11  Itís Shine - Ill. It shines with the very glory of God.  Ill. Godís glory 

	and 	manís presence will dwell together there.  (Ill. The Jasper stone - Diamond - 

	Ill. The awesome Glory of the Lord shining throughout the city.)  (Ill. New 

	Jerusalem is a diamond set in gold for the glory of the Lord.)

    B.  v.12-14  Itís Standing - Ill. Walls - Separartion.  Walls are constructed to 

	keep things in or to keep things out.  Gates - Access.  (Ill. 1 gate for each tribe in 


    C.  v.15-17  Itís Size - Ill. The city - 1,500 miles square.  Possibly a cube, or a 

	pyramid!  Perhaps a sphere!  Would have a diameter larger than the moon.  If 

	it were set along the east coast, is would stretch from the Atlantic to the 

	Mississippi, and from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico.  Ill. The 

	Wall stands approximately 216 feet tall.  Beauty rather than protection is the basis 

	for the design.  Ill. Jasper everywhere!  The glory of God will radiate and be 

	reflected from evey surface.

    D.  v.18-21  Itís Substance

	1.  v.18a  The Wall - Clear Jasper.  

	2.  v.18b  The City - Pure Gold.  (Ill. Pure gold is transparent!)

	3.  v.19-20  The Foundations.

		a.  Jasper - Clear - (Ill. Icicles)

		b.  Sapphire - Clear Blue

		c.  Chalcedony - Yellowish Green

		d.  Emerald - Deep Green

		e.  Sardonyx - White with layers of red.

		f.  Sardius - Fiery Red

		g.  Chrysolyte - Golden Yellow

		h.  Beryl - Sea Green

		i.  Topaz - Greenish Yellow

		J.  Chrysopasus - Golden Gren

		k.  Jacinth - Violet

		l.  Amethyst - Purple.

	Ill. The brilliance of the glory as the light from Jesus Christ Light and Power 

	blazes through the 12 foundations and is reflected and prismed by the Jasper 

	of the city.  (Ill. The Rainbow - The City will be a brilliant testimony to the great 

	glory of God.

	4.  v.21a  The Gates - Gigantic pearls.

	5.  v.21b  The Street - Transparent gold.  Ill. Only one street!

III.  v.22 - 22:5                         THE SUPERIORITY

    A.  v.22  Itís Access To God - (Ill. No temple) (Ill. The worship of that place!)

    B.  v.23  Itís Accents - (Ill. No sun or moon!)  The light will not come from 

	without, but from within!

    C.  v.24-26  Itís Approachableness - The gates are ever open and the peoples of 

	the earth will bring their glory into the City.  The people will come to 

	worship, 	and they will come to honor God with their offerings to Him.

    D.  v.27  Itís Appeal - No danger or dangerous people!  Ill. What an attractive 

	place Heaven will be!

    E.  vrs. 1-5  Itís Appointments

	1.  v.1  The Crystal River - (Ill. No pollutants; No fishing either!)

	2.  v.2  12 Healing Trees - (Ill. No disease in eternity!) Ill. Probably for the 	 

	     earth dwellers.  They may have to be remewed from time to time.

	3.  v.3a  No more Curse - (Ill. All that this involves!) (Especially no more 


	4.  v.3b  The Service - Probably people from off the earth, possibly the saints.

	5.  v.4  The Wonder - Men will fianlly see the face of God!  (Ill. Moses!)

        6.  v.5a  The Lighting - God will light the place.

	7.  v.5b  The Glory - The Bride will reign with her husband the Lord Jesus.

	     (Ill. What this might imply!)

Conc:  heavenís sounding sweeter all the time.  Have you made you preparations to 

go there?  If not, there is no better time than right now to prepare to meet God.  

Christians, we need to get heavenly minded!  Praise God, one day we will stand in 

His presence yonder in glory!



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