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Rev. 22:6-21                THE CONCLUSION OF THE BOOK

Intro:  We have covered a lot of territory in the book of Revelation.  We have 

traveled through history from the early churches all the way into eternity.  But, 

finally, we have arrived at the back door of the book and of the Bible.  It is here that 

we receive a trio of final things.  As we look into these verses tonight, let’s notice 

together, the conclusion of the book.

  I.  v.6-10                THE FAITHFUL WORD OF GOD

    A.  v.6  The Accuracy Of The Word - (Ill. 2 Tim. 3:16 - Lit. God breathed!)  

	The Bible is an accurate book!

    B.  v.7-9  The Authority Of The Word - 

	1.  v.7 - The Lord declares His coming and gives a command.  (Ill. We are to 

	     keep the Word! - John 14:15; James 1:22-23)

	2.  v.8-9 - John worships the angel, and is rebuked!  We are to give our 

	     worship to God and Him alone - Matt. 4:8-10; Deut. 20:10)

    C.  v.10  The Accessibility Of The Word - This is not a closed Book!  It is open 

	to all who are led by the Spirit.  It is the final authority for all faith and practice 

	in the House of God and the lives of God’s children!  (ILL. Just because it is 

	open, does not mean it is open to alteration!) (Ill. 1 Cor. 2:13-14)

 II.  v.11-16              THE FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST

    A.  v.11  It Settles What We Are - Jesus is the great divider, (Ill. The thieves).  

	Where a man stands in regard to Jesus determines his condition here, and 

	hereafter! (There is time now, there may not be later! - 2 Cor. 6:2)

    B.  v.12-15  It Settles Where We Are - (Ill. Each judged by his works - v.13!)

	1.  v.14  Some will be in Jesus - These will be in glory with Him!

	2.  v.15  Some will be outside Jesus - Those who are lost will be lost forever.  

	     Ill the greatest agony of Hell will be the knowledge that it didn’t have to 

	    end this way!  (Ill. The rich man’s agony was made worse because of the bliss 

	    of Lazarus!)

    C.  v.16  It Settles Whose We Are - We are His, the great lover of the church!  

	Ill.	it ought to be a joy to your heart to know that you belong to Jesus!


    A.  v.17  The Last Welcome - 

	1.  The last invitation - “Come” - Ill. What a great word!  (Ill. Noah and the 


	2.  The last inviters - The Spirit and the Bride.  Those who have drank well 

	     of  the blessings of the Lord invite those who have not, to come and to partake 

	     of all that He is and all that He has to offer.

	3.  The last invited - The hearer, the thirsty, whosoever!  (All are invited to 

	     partake of the Water of Life.  Many are drinking from the stagnated 

	     ponds of the world.  They are sipping all the filth, and the scum that this 

	     world has to offer.  Jesus offers each one a chance to be eternally satisfied.  

	     A chance to have within them , a river.  A chance to never thirst 

	     again!  (John 4:13-14) (John 7:37-38)

    B.  v.18-19  The Last Warning - Man is not to tamper with the Word of God!  

	This 	book opens with a blessing to all who will read it, hear it, and keep it, Rev. 

	1:3! It closes with a condemnation of all those who take it upon themselves to 

	change God’s Word!    Men can do as they please, but they cannot change the 

	Word of 	God - Psa. 119:89!  Those who try will pay a heavy price!

    C.  v.20-21  The Last Word - 

	1.  A Word From The Savior - His last word is to remind us that He is 

	     coming.  This gives us great hope!  It also gives us reason to purify our lives 

	     before Him - 1 John 3:1-3!)

	2.  A Word From The Saints - “Come!”  There is a desire to depart in the 

	     heart of every born again believer!  (Phil. 1:23!)  There is a desire to homeward   

             bound!  (Ill. v.21 - It is interesting to notice that there is a word of grace!  

	    While we wait, we need that grace to sustain us day by day!)

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