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No claims of absolute originality are made for this material. As one man said, "I milk a lot of cows, but I churn my own butter." Please use these sermons as the Lord leads, but nothing on this site may be used for profit without my expressed, written permission!





Intro:  Ill. An apple with a worm, or food that has rotted.  This church was like this, 

it looked pleasing on the exterior, but at it's heart it was wormy, rotten and festering 

with evil.  The city of Thyatira is the least known of all the cities, yet it received the 

longest letter.  However there are four things for which it was famous.  1.  A 

military city - A buffer city, Ceasars elite guard was stationed there.  2.  An 

industrial city - Ill. Lydia, dyes and water.  3.  A trade guild city - Ill. Each guild 

had it's own patron god.  4.  An occult city - An occult temple presided over by a 

female sorceress.  This church represents the time period of 590 a.d. - 1517 a.d.  

Jesus comes to this church as the Son of God.  The one with authority to deal with 

them, John 5:22. (Ill. The Sun God was the partron god of the elite guard.)  He also 

comes with flaming eyes: He sees all they do and all they are, Heb. 4:13.  Feet of 

Brass:  He has come to judge, 1 Pet. 4:17.  Let's join Jesus as He comes to the 

church with a rotten center.

  I. v.19                                         HE COMES WITH JOY

      (Ill. A Working church - Working churches are the Lord's delight.)

    A.  They Are Active In Their Works - 

	1.  Works - Our caling card!   

        2.  Love - The only valid motive for works

	3.  Service - Ministry (Ill. Each church)    

        4.  Faith - Works born of conviction

	5.  Patience - Endurance in the work.

	6.  Works are good, but there is a danger of trusting them and not Jesus.

	     (Ill. Worship always come before works - Jesus says to come before we 	 


    B.  They Are Advancing In Their Works - 

	1.  Development and Progress - (Ill. No room for laziness - 3 bums, Zeal)

	2.  Our works need to be growing.  A lack of growth in our works, indicates a 

	     lack of growth in our spiritual development.  2 Pet. 3:18.

	3.  Have you plataued?  (Ill. Heb. 10:23-25)

 II. v.20-23                                  HE COMES IN JUDGMENT

    (Ill. Possibly founded by a woman - Lydia, Acts 16:14-40) (But, certainly 	

     foundering because of a woman!)  (Ill. Thank God for our ladies!  Ill. A blessing     

     or a curse!) Ill. Leader are extremely important to the testimony of the church!  

    (Ill. Gune - A wife, possibly the pastor's wife!)  Jesus comes to judge this church    


    A.  v.20  A HERESY IS CONDONED - 

	1.  Ill. Jezebel - Introduced Baal worship to Israel.  A worship filled with 	

	     sexual perversion and idolatry. (Immorality and idolatry!)

	2.  Ill. Jezebelism - We must become like the world to win the world!  Make 

	     sin not so sinful.  (Attempts to adopt and incorporate worldliness into the 

	     church and it's worship.)

	3.  Sin must never be condoned in the church.! 2Thes. 3:6; Rom. 16:17

	4.  This church has the attitude that doctrine is not important.  IT IS VITAL!!

	     (Ill. Doctrines introduced during this period - Papcy elevated, Dogma and 

	      ritual given equal weight with scripture, Mariolatry, Purgatory, Mass, 	 

	     Mass for dead, etc.)  (Ill. Thyatira = Continual Sacrifice!)(Ill. Our modern 

	     day - People are still twisting the truth and getting by with it! (Ill. Buffer 

	    city - torn down and rebuilt - cults must constantly change their 

	    doctrine - The truth never changes!)  (Ill. Ecumenical movement is dangerous! 

	    - 2  Cor. 6:14-18.)	


	1. This woman misunderstood the goodness of God - Rom. 2:4

	2. People still do this.  But, God will not tolerate sin among His peoplele - 	  

	     Re. 3:19

	3. Sin must be repented of!


	1. This church will enter the tribulation.  (Ill. Church will go on!)

	2.  The young will suffer.  They suffer the most in a worldly church!  They 	

	      don't have a chance.

	3.  Judgment will be according to each man's works - God is fair!

III. v.24-29                              HE COMES WITH JUSTICE

       (Just as He will punish the guilty, He will reward the faithful!)

    A.  v.24-25  RECOGNIZE THE FAITHFUL - 

	1.  The rest are addressed - That faithful remnant, they are in every church.  

	     (Ill.Elijah 1 Kings 19:18)

	2.  None other burden - They are to conmtinue in their calling.  Witnesses

	3.  Not all will repent, but only a few are needed to bring results!  (Ill. Kindling)

	4.  Hold fast - Stay true to the things of God, they will see you home.  (Ill. 	 

	      Preacher and pine knot)

    B.  v.26-29   REWARD THE FAITHFUL

    	1.  Will share in Christ's authority - Will rule in the millenium - 1Cor. 6:2

	2.  Will be given the Morning Star - Rev. 22:3-4; 16.

	    a. When we have Jesus, we have it all!  Rom. 8:17.  (Ill. Wicked son and 	  


	    b. Jesus will be our greatest reward!  Remain faithful, hold fast, stay true to 

	        the Book and the Lord will bless us.  Beyond our wildest dreams.



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